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Jun 19, 2014
Jan 31, 2011
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Agent Bruce

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Jun 19, 2014
    1. Tiggyrimana
      Hello AB mate sorry to bother you.
      On Edge's thread their has been a load of tags put down about Edge and Tash which are quite humorous.
      However one has been tagged something like GRB creampie shocker or something and GRB is not impressed at all
      would you be able to find out who left that tag please AB?

      Cheers and keep up the good work <ok>

      was going to private message you but you're too popular!
    2. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Nobody loves him, a rather sad individual.
    3. Chappaz
      Whoops **** I deleted your post by accident.

      But yeah I know. He's such a tit.
    4. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Coquet High sounds familiar, never heard the name James Calvert Spence college, before. Thought most kids went on to the Dukes School in Alnwick at a certain age.

      A bit out of touch though.

      I know a courrier on the away coaches called Smudger and he comes from Amble, thought you might have been him until I saw you were still at school. Turns out my sister knows a relative of his. Small world.
    5. Smudger
      There's just the one high school, Coquet High. Had a name change recently though and now it's called James Calvert Spence college. Just starting my last year in September.
    6. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Sorted itself out, it's a real pain in the arse though. Happened more than once too.
    7. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Okies, just thought if it became a regular thing it might cause some reaction.

      Super Shola would no doubt find something to complain about it.
    8. u408379965
      I don't see any problem with it mate.
    9. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Oh, forgot ................ you already have one.
    10. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Got one for you if you want one.
    11. u408379965
      Liking the new avatar mate. <ok>
    12. beardface
      Any chance of banning Tiote?
    13. 5 Goals 1 Hat Trick 11 Heroes-NUFC4LIFE
      5 Goals 1 Hat Trick 11 Heroes-NUFC4LIFE
      Don't see anything religious about it but will edit it.

      EDIT : I can't edit the title , can you?
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    A B&W Place.
    Football and cricket mad from the time I could stand and played with my elder brothers friends rather than the kids games that other kids my age were playing. Captained the school football and cricket team at Junior and Senior level. Played at a reasonable level after leaving school and some of the people I was playing with and looked up to by, became professionals themselves. Was told by a pro that I should be playing pro myself. Would have loved nothing more but my mother wanted me to have a proper profession and become an engineer.

    Not doing much of anything physical now except typing messages on not606.

    Did an engineering course ( not that I wanted to ) and after qualifying fell on my feet with a well paid job that I liked doing and was well respected for. And paid for I may add. Enabled me to get rid of the motor bike (which I'd enjoyed using, but couldn't go out dressed on for an evening out) and get what was classed as a luxury car.

    Been a NUFC fan since I was a tot and am a ST holder and go to all the away games. Hoping to see us lift a trophy before my numbers up. Enjoy my football no matter what though and couldn't give it up.


    :emoticon-0159-music He's magic you know,[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]You'll never get past Sissoko. :emoticon-0159-music