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Agent Bruce
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Jun 19, 2014
Jan 31, 2011
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A B&W Place.

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Agent Bruce

Well-Known Member, from A B&W Place.

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Jun 19, 2014
    1. kessolove
      nice to meet you
      My name is kesso, good looking girl i saw your profile today in


      i became very interested to you .l like traveling and meeting new
      friend, So i will like to further communication
      with you.

      Please write to me through my email address ([email protected]) so that i will communicate back to you with my photos.
    2. I Sit Next To A Badger-Leazes Corner
    3. KyleG
      If you know of anyone with a spare drop me a message on here
    4. rotterthepotter
      ho bruce sorry to hear you have stepped down as a mod, i,m sure you have your reasons but you were a good mod and even from a stokie will be missed. Glad to see you still posting mate take care fella. rotter.

      Back on board rotter, a few people asked me to change my mind, I didn't intend to keep on posting as regular as I had but it becomes a habit.

      Hope you and your's are keeping well.

      Good luck.
    5. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      Thanks AB , didn't want to cause a diplomatic incident lol x
    6. Mantis
      Thanks a million mate!

      You're welcome.

      Hope you get quite a bit more.
    7. District Line
      District Line
      Thanks mate!
    8. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      You little tinker, telling porkies. Give me my rep back this instant.
    9. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      Must fess up ref the wallpapering, my Mam was helping me, not the other way round. If you had seen my attempt to hang the paper you would understand why.
    10. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      It all counts.
    11. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      Desperation Rep, don't know wether to thank you or not AB lol
    12. Geordie lass in the Fen
    13. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      How will I get the ticket to you?
    14. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      You can get some good pics from there if you've got a camera. It's only 8 rows from the pitch.
    15. Gutierrez's Right Boot
      Gutierrez's Right Boot
      so that means ive now been in every end of the ground
    16. Gutierrez's Right Boot
    17. Gutierrez's Right Boot
      Gutierrez's Right Boot
      i can use it got the days swapped over
    18. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Oops, forgot about you working Saturday's. Let me know if you can't use it and I'll give it to my brother.
    19. Gutierrez's Right Boot
      Gutierrez's Right Boot
      Cheers ill try to swap the saturday
    20. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Things coud be better but you've just got to take what life hands you I'm afraid.

      Hope you and all the other Poshies are keeping well and still enjoying your football.

      Freds looked in once or twice and it's aways nice to hear from you.

      Good luck for the season, hope you manage to climb a league or two.
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    A B&W Place.
    Football and cricket mad from the time I could stand and played with my elder brothers friends rather than the kids games that other kids my age were playing. Captained the school football and cricket team at Junior and Senior level. Played at a reasonable level after leaving school and some of the people I was playing with and looked up to by, became professionals themselves. Was told by a pro that I should be playing pro myself. Would have loved nothing more but my mother wanted me to have a proper profession and become an engineer.

    Not doing much of anything physical now except typing messages on not606.

    Did an engineering course ( not that I wanted to ) and after qualifying fell on my feet with a well paid job that I liked doing and was well respected for. And paid for I may add. Enabled me to get rid of the motor bike (which I'd enjoyed using, but couldn't go out dressed on for an evening out) and get what was classed as a luxury car.

    Been a NUFC fan since I was a tot and am a ST holder and go to all the away games. Hoping to see us lift a trophy before my numbers up. Enjoy my football no matter what though and couldn't give it up.


    :emoticon-0159-music He's magic you know,[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]You'll never get past Sissoko. :emoticon-0159-music