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Jun 19, 2014
Jan 31, 2011
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Agent Bruce

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Jun 19, 2014
    1. Minxy
      Haven't been on here for ages ... thought I would pop by & say hello
      Hope all is well with you
    2. AH
      Aye, I've never quite trusted him really. Always seemed a bit odd, a bit Tiote-esque. Was nufcbano the one who always used to advertise his blog? Done nothing greatly irritating so far though, but keepin' an eye on him anyway! Cheers AB :)
    3. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Not been well for a while I'm afraid, I was told to give football a miss. Been to all the home and away games for a few seasons now but apart fom the Fiorentina game I haven't managed to get to any others.

      Would love to have been at the Scunthorpe game but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

      I've decided to ignore the doctors advice and start going to the games though, if you've got to go you may as well go happy. Looks like QPR will be my next match. Be interesting to see how Joey does.

      Thanks for getting back.

    4. LTF
      Sorry Ab, missed that one, are you well by the way? Did you not get to the game on S
    5. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      It happens all the time. A lot worse than that sometimes but there's almost always one prissy person that get's uppity about it. Pity they just couldn't accept it and get on with what the forums about ..................... talking football!
    6. TJR_NUFC
      I have done now, I was just typing quickly and I didn't even realise but I wasn't expecting that recaction from a spelling mistake and suggesting we play someone in there natural position! Cheers for pointing it out <ok>
    7. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Cost will be about £25.00
    8. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Kenny's mobile # if you want to contact him yourself.

    9. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Been in touch with Kenny, there'll be a coach on and if you and your mate want to go there'll be seats for you. It'll be picking up at about 2:15 from Washington Services.
    10. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Been in touch with somebody that knows Kenny and she's going to contact him. If I hear from him I'll pass any messages on to you.
    11. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Better to be safe than sorry.
    12. NUFCtomw362
      Ah ok cheers, met him at Liverpool thought name rang a bell.

      Not sure when last booking for BP was, but will book with them if I don't hear back from Billy by tonight.
    13. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      Kenny Smith is the guy with the shaved head that usually sits in the front seat.

      Haven't got any contact numbers for him I'm afraid and it might be best if you go ahead and get the BP coach.
    14. NUFCtomw362
      Emailed Billy back about the coaches and he hasn't replied. He had said earlier that he was going on holiday and that someone called Kenny would deal with it.
      Worried that he hasn't got my emails confirming that I would like three seats on the coach, so don't suppose you have a phone number or email address for this Kenny do you?

    15. Agent Bruce
      Agent Bruce
      I'm sure you'll do an excellent job, much better than me. Just keep being yourself. <ok>

    16. AH
      It was thrust upon me by Leazes, he was very forceful, there was little I could do! Haha

      Massive boots to fill for me. I'll consider it a success if I'm even half the moderator that you were!


    17. Luis Figo no7
      Luis Figo no7
      Most active did u do it mate,whats your secret?
    18. Ricardo Lux
      Ricardo Lux
      Fine I will complain to the respective moderators higher up than you
    19. Ricardo Lux
      Ricardo Lux
      I wish for you to reply to my message at once.
    20. Son of a pitch
      Son of a pitch
      Feel free to un-sticky the match day threads whenever you see fit mate. If people are still posting on it regularly, then by all means leave it up, but otherwise it's up to you <ok>
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    A B&W Place.
    Football and cricket mad from the time I could stand and played with my elder brothers friends rather than the kids games that other kids my age were playing. Captained the school football and cricket team at Junior and Senior level. Played at a reasonable level after leaving school and some of the people I was playing with and looked up to by, became professionals themselves. Was told by a pro that I should be playing pro myself. Would have loved nothing more but my mother wanted me to have a proper profession and become an engineer.

    Not doing much of anything physical now except typing messages on not606.

    Did an engineering course ( not that I wanted to ) and after qualifying fell on my feet with a well paid job that I liked doing and was well respected for. And paid for I may add. Enabled me to get rid of the motor bike (which I'd enjoyed using, but couldn't go out dressed on for an evening out) and get what was classed as a luxury car.

    Been a NUFC fan since I was a tot and am a ST holder and go to all the away games. Hoping to see us lift a trophy before my numbers up. Enjoy my football no matter what though and couldn't give it up.


    :emoticon-0159-music He's magic you know,[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]You'll never get past Sissoko. :emoticon-0159-music