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    You know peat not to oily you know not to allowing the skin to breathe as well way here so that that was seen now going more hybrid Monday well thank you you're welcome entering my skin care questions and thank you for answering your welcome everyone dermakin else's skincare questioning yeah I'm really great bag and I love theanswer as they were smart they feel like I have them so much I am loll I thank you so much for joining in. this was the pot shops very first Google hangout and we love skincare sexually excited to beagle to chat with all of you about it and as promised I have the promo code for you guys so if you buy a bouncy thinking nasty you are going to get free of I'm ask as a guest had it's for two days it's available to people in the United States adding me code is hang out in all ape well a yes so much Regina yeah I'm here thank you okay your logo been playing think they might help that I think yeah hey I am hang anchor making any wouldn't from okay cool you I they thought it would be handling it I think imp riding you I rotary all day today yeah I thank you yeah I.

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