Why not all foerign players are money grabbers

Discussion in 'Sunderland' started by Commachio, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Really? I've generally found than England is one of the most racially diverse, culturally accepting places I've ever been. Granted I've not made it as far as Canada yet, but aside from being called Mohamed Ishmeal Baharupa McSmith I don't see how it can be massively bettered!?!?
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    Some players just seem to come to these parts and get bitten by the bug. Solano, Bernard and Albert love the area, and Ginola still reiterates his massive fondness for us every time he's on TV, Asprilla has said he wants to come back in a coaching position. Demba Ba seems to be going the same way, he was regarded as having a terrible attitude when in Germany but he's all smiles playing for us and tweets constantly about how happy he is here. We're definitely happy to have him.

    It seems to be the happy-go-lucky players with positive mentalities and eccentric traits who give back the love. They genuinely appreciate and love the 'goldfish bowl' and are happy to be in the limelight and constantly interacting with the fans. Nobby with his workmanlike attitude and trumpet skills, Albert the defender who played like an attacking midfielder, Tino with his explosive personality and rubber legs.

    Great memories.

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