Match Day Thread When their coach taken off cool trait air that

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    When their coach taken off cool trait air that was his way of telling his team he don’t screw around with these guys but so be it responded retaking Nitro XL the lead early in the second period we are gentle to second period then we give up on goal at inspiration and women are given the undersecretary Singh Lathe kind of getting to get back on it was this sense pay-back what they ditto us two weeks ago seven minutes into the third period the soviets recall repetitively that buying there had been a little bit up a wall and then so be it since started to take the game who was little bit having a power-play would at least gives the opportunity through him momentum creates American way the was going to go up what word basically broken play there happened on spare not onlygonna back into work route back in crown they were that exciting the world with your and we were going to.

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