Well, Here We Go Again

Discussion in 'Aberdeen' started by RAVENBLACK, Apr 22, 2013.


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    Jan 21, 2010
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    Another false Don, no doubt.

    Wish McInness all the very best, smashing player I always thought and potential to be a very good manager. Whether he can do that at a club that seems to be constantly lacking something (anything actually) is debatable.

    If nothing else, we can console ourselves with having the best l;ooking manager in the SPL.

    Come on players, get the ****in finger out and stop talking yourselves up in the local rags. Nobody listens to your false promises and have not for about 18 years.
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    Jan 30, 2012
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    Or is it the Don of a new era?

    Seems to come accross in a good way in his interviews (AFC have an arrogance about the club which means they don't work hard enough to beat "lesser teams" ---He is going to change that. Talks a good game then again so did McGee & Brown.:mad:

    Is this you hiding behind the closet door,or are you comming out.<laugh>.

    Exactly !! Wish they would just go and do it on the pitch instead of being made to look like fools after saying they will hammer some team then go get beat 3 - 0.

    Both teams tonight have one player who can change a game, Leigh Griffiths & Niall McGinn --- hopefully the latter is on better form but cant see there being much in it.

    2 - 1 the Dandies.<ok>

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