Off Topic Trump supporters breaching Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Discussion in 'Sunderland' started by old lads fan, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. Sandy Camel

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    Sep 26, 2019
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    This is what those on the left fail to realise when they start axe grinding. Far better to ignore anything he did correct and call him an orange buffon instead.
  2. LAMackem

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    Jan 30, 2011
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    Here's my bit living in LA and being close to the action for the last four years.
    Always tried to stay away from two things in my life....politics and religion. Never wanted to prejudge anyone because of their beliefs and looks.
    With America in a sense they got what they deserved.....if you can take someone from a TV program and put them in one of the most powerful positions in the world....then you are just asking for trouble...and trouble came.
    Don't really take sides with Republicans or Democrats....all bad as each other in my mind....same as Conservatives and Labor.
    I just want someone who leads in with a common sense point of view. Take the best from both sides of the argument and move forward.
    Trump in my opinion tried to run this country like his business......his way or no way.
    Anyone standing against that even in his own party was 'fired'.....that's his brand right?
    When your running a country there's normally a party...opposition....that presents the other side of the argument.
    Here Trump stumbled because that is what he is not used.....he was quite comfortable mixing with the Putins, Kim Jongs of the world because in my mind that is the role he saw for himself. The fact that these others dictators were also murderers is another argument.
    Trumps ego got in his and it got worse through the course of his tenor....more so with the Senate being Republican controlled and avoided impeachment the first time....then he knew he was fire proof.
    The constant chaos of turnovers from the White House....drama and crisis central....was too much and eventually took it's toil.
    President via Twitter was too much.....we can all be tough guys behind a cell phone or key board.
    I always believe in respecting other peoples wishes.....there's been many, many times I'm out in California and people don't wear masks. I wear one but the response from others....if my president doesn't wear one why should I? Unbelievable Jeff. So because of others it puts my health at risk....there not respecting my wishes.
    If Trump had the slight amount of empathy that would have helped his cause a great amount. I believe he couldn't do this because to him it's a sign of weakness. Always wanted to be the the tough guy.....hence the hospital parade when he got Covid and him taking his mask off for the photo op at the White House....madness.
    What Trump did do well for himself was trying to discredit the press. Fake news and all that. Well like it or not the press are there to make someone in that position accountable.....he didn't like that one.
    The press briefings turned into a cluster f*ck.
    Fauci whether he is a brilliant guy or an idiot through the Covid crisis got a very high profile so Fauci was dumped to one side....this after Trump said we should drink I prefer my cocktails with Vodka and Diet Coke.
    The frightening thing here to me was how many people bought into his sh*t.....make America great again.....should have been renamed.....make America hate again. Clearly with Trump democracy works if you get your own way....if you don't it's corruption of fraud. My dad told me never to blame others for my actions.....if you f*ck up accept the consequences....learn and move on.
    January 6th will be a dark day in America's history.....5 people lost their lives....I will march with you Trump many things what he said and what he done were two different things.
    I'm I a lover of America just needs to regroup and look at much has gone wrong here that was avoidable.....will America learn I doubt it.
    There is bit of a British Empire feel know when we Brits ruled the more right....well America needs to understand it's now a world economy...the China's, Russia, Europe are big players.....I have my own business and I import from around the world....I don't want to be told who and where I shouldn't buy from. If my business isn't competitive then I go out of business....simple...Trumps tariffs is another one....just go and sit down and come to an agreement that suits both parties....not tariffs that impact American business more than it impacts China.....ffs.
    The art of the deal.....just never happened.
  3. Blond Bombshell

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    Sep 30, 2019
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    Great perspective from over the water, thanks for the insight marra
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  4. Disco down under

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    I don't think many could try to claim that he did nothing right. Whether you like or dislike any President in the history of that country, they almost all did good and bad in the role.

    Unfortunately, I don't that precludes him from being a complete orange buffoon.

    Just have a read through his wisdom and opinions he has spread to his hundreds of millions of followers and fans online and through social media.
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  5. Sandy Camel

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    Sep 26, 2019
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    That just isn't true, all you have to do is read this thread to see there are folk who wouldn't give him steam from a ****, never mind say he'd actually done something right.
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  6. DH4

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    Sep 25, 2019
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    I am just relieved that a man deemed too dangerous to have a Twitter account no longer has access to the nuclear button. Should never have been any where near that power as his refusal to accept defeat in the election shows.

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