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Discussion in 'Bristol Rovers' started by old timer, Feb 11, 2021.

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    Aug 17, 2014
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    Had to laugh this afternoon when watching Tipping Point. The lady was asked the question in 2019 Sol Campbell managed which football club

    Macclesfield Portsmouth or Forest Green Rovers

    Confessed she didn't know and passed it to her opponent who said football is not my favourite subject and then tried to work out which club he managed

    Not sure if Macclesfield have a league club, I know Portsmouth do and I have never heard of Forest Green Rovers so I will guess at Portsmouth

    She got it wrong
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    Yes I saw that too - made me chuckle when she announced to the nation that she'd never heard of Forest Green Rovers. Bet they loved that up there!! :emoticon-0136-giggl
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    “Never heard of FGR” - that’s sacrilege around these parts!

    Since I moved up to Dursley 16 years ago I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for Forest Green - they do a free shirt and ticket deal for all Year 4 kids in the area for one league game a year so I took my youngest lad up there a couple of years ago. Plus I’ve got a few local mates who are fans.

    So in a way FGR are my “second team”. Pretty **** that my second team are probably better than my lifelong first team at the moment!
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    You get some right **** wits on Tipping Point, why on earth do they go on a quiz show?

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