The has Vettel thrown it away thread?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by BrightLampShade, Oct 7, 2018.

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    For me, both excellent drivers. For me personally (these things are always subjective): One is great, and has proved it against some good teammates without No.1 status. The other is very good, close to unbeatable from pole on his day, but has had no.1 status to boot.

    Hamilton has stuck some not so good cars on pole and also won races (2009 McLaren, McLaren in general up against the dominant Red Bull of 2011-12,and including the 2013 Merc) and was almost putting the 2013 Mercedes in the title hunt before the FIA reverted to the previous years tyres. He’s been magic in the rain on multiple occasions and just carries a touch of Senna about him. He’s a born racer and a natural talent, whether you like him or not.

    Vettel has that one unbelievable Toro Rosso win, but it’s his form away from the dominant Red Bull that takes the edge off for me. Ricciardo beating him, and then coming off second best in two years against his generational rival Hamilton.

    It’s a small difference, but one that sees Hamilton probably heading towards all time greatness.

    Vettel meanwhile has an opportunity to fight back in what looks an exciting team mate in Leclerc.

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