Survival (Brown Underpants) Sunday

Discussion in 'Wigan' started by devonFRATTONiser, May 20, 2011.

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    It’s countdown to Survival Sunday

    FIVE – teams in the firing line
    FOUR – matches will decide the outcome
    THREE – teams will survive
    TWO – teams will be relegated
    ONE – game left to play

    15 Blackburn 37 -14 40
    16 Wolves 37 -19 40
    17 Birmingham 37 -20 39
    18 Blackpool 37 -21 39
    19 Wigan 37 -22 39
    20R West Ham 37 -24 33

    If there is a positive result then the winner is safe. The loser will go down if two from Birmingham, Blackpool or Wigan win. If the match is drawn both sides would go down if the three below them all win. If two manage it, Wolves would be the unlucky ones due to their goal difference. So close is the goal difference at the bottom, Wolves could go down with a heavy loss if two of those below them draw.

    Tottenham v BIRMINGHAM
    Birmingham will be cursing Liverpool for losing at home to Spurs on Sunday as it means Harry Redknapp’s team will be going all guns blazing for the win that would secure them a Europa League spot. A home win, coupled with a draw for either Blackpool or Wigan would mean the Carling Cup winners playing in the Europa League as a Championship side. Again goal difference could be a factor. If The Blues win 1-0, Blackpool win 2-0 and Wigan win 3-0, they would go down on GOALS SCORED, provided Wolves and Blackburn don’t draw.

    Man Utd v BLACKPOOL
    The Seasiders have a very simple task in order to stay up – do better at Old Trafford than Birmingham do at White Hart Lane and Wigan at The Britannia Stadium! It’s so close that, depending on those results they could stay up with a loss or go down with a win.

    Stoke City v WIGAN
    Wigan fans will be nervously keeping tabs on the goings on at White Hart Lane and Old Trafford. If other results are kind then a draw would do, but even a win will be no good if Blackpool and Birmingham match their result. If, however, those two both get thumped then a 1-0 loss could actually see them jump from 19th to 17th - and safety!

    Best wishes to all five sets of fans ahead of the week-end. Sunday is going to be a very long day….
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    thanks mate :laugh: i hope wigan stay up and i think they are the most likely to win

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