Daily Racing Thread Sunday 21st. July 2019

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by attivo, Jul 20, 2019.

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    They walked the first two hundred yards and then a hack canter for two furlongs. I knew at that point I had a good thing.

    The odd thing about the race was how short the favourite was in the race. This was on the basis of being related to Ollie Magern and co. In fact this ones dam is an unraced half sister to Ollie Magerns dam. Doesnt really qualify as a pedigree recommendation in my book. Additionally the fav was led out unsold when it went through the ring at the sales. Seeing it next to my one pre race I knew which one I would want to own.
    The "experts" were pretty clueless regarding Dazibao. A couple of questions to Mr Baker would have put them firmly in the picture.
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    funny how the market in racing works isn’t it , all the evidence pointed to Bakers horse , yet the money was for FoB , totally misplaced ,, not even a contest ! thanks for sharing stick !
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