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    So the SFL have killed the idea of regionalising the lower leagues before it actually got off the ground.

    Its unbelievable. When are these idiots going to wake up and smell the coffee? The pyramid system is the only way forward. Currently the SFL3 is pointless as it is a parking lot for clubs treading water without fear of relegation. Of course, it is understandable that these clubs fear going out off the league, however if there were several levels below the SFL, they could be relegated and come back when they are stronger. The only alternative is stagnation. In the SPL we currently have two clubs, Hamilton and Kilmarnock, who benefitted from dropping down a couple of leagues, where they re-grouped and finally made it back to the top-level stronger. IMO if teams like East Stirling, Albion Rovers etc dropped down from the SFL, they would have a better chance of promotion to SFL2 when the made it back than they have now.

    I continually read about how "we should lower ticket prices" and "reintroduce terracing" with the example quoted that IT WORKS IN GERMANY. Well, here in Germany they have a pyramid system in which every club in the country from the smallest village side up to the mighty Bayern Munich and BVB take part. Second, Third and even Fourth XI's are part of the same structure and the only restriction is that teams from the same club cannot play in the same league. Not exactly rocket science.

    Why is the pyramid important?
    I shall answer a question with a question.
    Where did Thomas Mueller, Mesut Ozil and Sammy Khedira hone their skills?
    Was it in a dead league with no relegation or in the 2nd XI of a big club within a pyramid system?

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