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Discussion in 'Queens Park Rangers' started by daverangers, Dec 4, 2019.

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    Well must of been the same year. I had some maths teacher that was a women, but can't remember her name. My proper name is Nigel Jowers and my next door neighbour Ronnie Fitzgerald was in the same year. Lived in Blaxland House.
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    My best mates were Martin Janaway,Paul Lacey & Billy Charlton I used to live in Hadyn Park Road
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    Yesterday's was a solid and hard-working performance rather than something to set the pulse racing. Nevertheless, it was, of course, hugely welcome, really quite enjoyable and demonstrated some useful tactical flexibility. We started by playing a new 4-1-3-2 formation and, with Preston reluctant to let us play out from the back, I counted a solitary occasion when we did so. I really hope this isn't a zero-one situation whereby our former passing game, patience and ball retention all go completely out of the window. I think this is unlikely as it seems to be part of Warburton's DNA and yesterday probably just demonstrated a pragmatic approach to our recent problems and to the opposition on the day. After our second goal, Warburton promptly brought Scowen on so that he could maintain his average of a yellow card per game and we switched to a sensible 4-2-3-1 formation to see out the 90 minutes. (Scowen took 10 minutes to warm up before getting his ritual booking.) Our starting formation gave us a flat back four (which seems to suit us); defensive cover in the form of the talented Cameron; some width, with BOS, especially, putting in some marauding runs; and two complementary players up front. 4-1-3-2 won't always work and it won't work against all the teams in the division but it had many plusses yesterday.

    In this pragmatic approach, Lumley's distribution was first class and he capped a confident display, in which he claimed several difficult crosses, with an astonishing one-handed save around the 75th minute. Had it gone in, we would have had a very nerve-racking end to the game. It was noticeable that our young keeper, whilst apparently being mauled by some idiots on social media, got a lot of support from the crowd. Manning was back to form, put in some good crosses and looked much better as a conventional attacking left back rather than as a left wing back. Alongside him, Leistner made me wonder how I could have dared criticise him by contributing a controlled display of aggressive tackling and heading, coupled with some overdue positional awareness. I thought Kane had the best game I had seen him play, looking more effective defensively to go with his undoubted keenness to attack. Overall, ably supported by Cameron, our defence looked solid. I'll say that again: our defence looked solid….

    On the end of Lumley's rare collection of long kicks, Hugill made himself a real nuisance and worked hard throughout, although those in the rear seats were still wise to duck when he had an attempt on goal. Wells was quieter but showed some deft touches. Of course, with two goals, the headlines will all be about Eze, who undoubtedly had a good game but the real star of the show, for me, was Bright Samuel. Preston frequently found him a real handful and, at times, he looked like a player magnet, with four or five of them converging on him. Not only was he dangerous in attack, he demonstrated a prodigious appetite, and ability, defensively. Anyone who saw him finish last season on such a high will, like me, wonder why he hasn't featured more often this season.

    The monkey on our back, the lack of a clean sheet, has gone and I wonder if we have turned a corner and can now start to climb back up the table?

    Here's hoping.
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    Watching the highlights last night and there was a lovely shot of Eze before he took the penalty with a huge smile on his nice to see a player enjoying himself rather than the usual miserable looking expression that most players have......

    Plus wild thing was full if praise in the analysis.....we must enjoy Eze while we can as he's going places....
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