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    As a scout .. and it was 14 years ago when Al Fayed got him to put pen to paper. Seemed like an appropriate post on the day that FIFA announced that thay were expanding the World Cup competitin to 48 teams!

    "The Brazilian World Cup hero has agreed to become the most famous scout in world football, with a brief to unearth new Brazilian talent for Fulham manager Jean Tigana.

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    The former striker was at Fayed's Harrods store yesterday to promote his autobiography, which will be released in Europe later this year. But he was also there to discuss his new role with Fulham.

    Unlike the disastrous appointment of Franco Baresi as director of football, there is no question of Pele taking a permanent job at the club and no chance of him becoming manager. But his arrival will add to the optimism around their temporary Loftus Road home, which has seen Fulham reach the second round of the UEFA Cup and rise to fifth in the Premiership.

    Fayed beamed: "Pele is the greatest player of all time - a true legend. So who better to have scouting for us in Brazil! It is very good for the club and, hopefully, we will see many youngsters coming here from South America."

    Pele reckons it is time English clubs signed more Brazilians. He said: "Brazilians are playing all over the world, especially in Holland, Spain and Italy. But in England there are so few.

    "I hope one day we will have skilful Brazilian players playing for Fulham and to do that we must plan ahead. I think that can happen because my club Santos produces a lot of good young players. Maybe we can find some for Fulham.
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    Well we do now have a skilful Brazilian, although Pele had nothing to do with it!

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