Ozil needs to start scoring goals or be replaced.

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by TheBear, May 7, 2020.

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    What we think is wrong is different to the reality of big business and money in football. The whole Ozil situation is ridiculous and highlights what is wrong with football right now. Ozil is simply taking advantage of the current climate, which the majority of footballers and people would do. We should never have signed him up on a 300k salary but we did. But the worst part of all is not playing him. How can we let a world class player, on 300k wages, to not even sit on the bench! The whole thing doesn't make any sense. It's as crazy as what is happening right now.
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    He could have left in the summer but stayed for £8m loyalty bonus and the rest of his £13m salary.
    if he truly lives the club he would accepted that he wasn’t gonna play again and move on and accept the deal that we offered. Stayed for another £21m - that’s real love
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    I wouldnt.
    Easy to say right? I know but I would value my legacy over an extra few million in the bank. He's already rich.
    It's a short career - I suppose Ozils issue is he won the World Cup soo young he already has cemented some legacy from that. He clearly doesnt give a **** now though. Only 31 he could still be playing at the TOP level but he will probably end up playing Fornite for the next year then moving to China/Saudi whichever pays him the most.

    I suppose my issue is an ethical one. I think there's more important things than money.
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