Loobilee Jubilee?

Discussion in 'Cardiff City' started by clingo, Jun 3, 2012.

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    May 17, 2011
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    Trying to get into the spirit of the Diamond Jubilee (and also into a blackcurrant jubbly) I thought I’d look back and see what was happening to our beloved Bluebirds in the footballing world of 1952.

    Of course, the most important event of the year was the birth of their most important supporter – me! A not very close second was the trifling fact that we got promoted to the top flight finishing second to Sheffield Wednesday in the old Division 2. This was the REAL influence behind the song and phrase “Nice One Cyril” as Cyril Spears was the man who guided us to the dizzy heights. Don’t let those Spurs fans tell you anything different.

    There wasn’t such good news in the cup competitions as we went out of the FA Cup at Swindon after a first fence replay. The Welsh cup was a source of some embarrassment as we crashed out to the mighty RHYL!

    So we left the knockout competitions and got promoted. Should we read anything into that which might influence us in the future? You may think so, I couldn’t possibly comment.

    Looking further into that season, it was interesting to see some of the clubs that finished below us, which included Everton, West Ham, QPR, Norwich and Reading , with the latter two in the old division 3 (South). By coincidence, Coventry were relegated from the second tier, a fete that never befell them again until 2012. Sorry Robbie.

    As for our rivals, the end of the season found them as follows:

    Swansea Town (as they were then) 19th out of 22 in Division 2 (second tier). They're a bit better off these days!
    Newport County were 6th out of 24 in Division 3 (South). Want to see them back in the league soon.
    Bristol Rovers ended up 7th in Division 3 (South). Not much change really but big things in the pipeline?
    Bristol City finished 15th in Division 3 (South). Had their ups and downs in the past 60 years.
    Wrexham completed their season 18th out of 24 in Division 3 (North). Nearly celebrated the Jubilee year in style.

    So, there we are. I wish we could have celebrated the Jubilee by getting up to the top table for the third time in the reign of our current monarch, but at least we tried – I think.
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    Nice analysis Cling taking us on a trip into yester-year.

    I'm avoiding getting into the Jubilee Spirit by getting into the spirit.

    I'm confused by it all. 4 days off, but which is the one I'm supposed to avoid by going fishing? I've missed the last few royal weddings and funerals by hiding in the hills with a trout rod. Was out on the Dee yesterday and will be bobbing on Lake Vyrnwy on Monday (the last weddng was in the same place and the one before on Llyn Clywedog) but can't help feeling I've not got the right day.

    60 eh cling, got a few years on me, but after all the rugby I played, I feel a damn sight older some mornings.

    I've a feeling that Maaamm's 61st year will be good for us.
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    Clingo, I seem to remember the Jubbly was only originally available in orange, and cost a penny or four old pence if my memory rings true, immortalised in Peter Sarstedt`s Frozen Orange Juice, back in the sixties. Also remember checking the Beech Nut chewing gum machine when I passed it coming home from school defo a penny a go, and if you were lucky it was left on the forth number, which gave you two for the price of one......happy days.......fug me!
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    Sorry Cling but '53 was a far more important year as that's when I was born and like you I have witnessed all the good, bad and indifferent moments during the intervening years. O.K. maybe not the fifties but certainly the 60's onwards.
    I agree with you Remote next season could be the one. But I always believe that.

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