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    So from the local Lincoln Evening Record. News reports an accidental accident that a tap was left on since breakfast time and resulting in the pitch being flooded. Thus resulting in the game being postponed.
    It was later reported that IMPS had been at work to fend off tonight's game with the MKB and the fright of Southillingpton Players tearing them apart and knocking them off the top of the table.
    Hearing this news Gaffer SE stated, we are on our way to the top, and the Championship.
    He also stated that this was a close secret after underworld conversations in Dubai with Camels, that they Lincoln had sone concerns of defeat so had to get the match postponed and stop the MKB march to promotion.
    It was also stated that someone from COVID 19 was looking at signing players, SE stated he was not F$%^&NG going to except this as THey were his players till the end of the season. And WHO THE F$%K was COVID 19?????????? anyway.
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