Le Mans 24hr, 2013

Discussion in 'Other Motorsports' started by cosicave, Jun 14, 2013.

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    This is the Daddy of all motorsport events; the BIG ONE and is now officially 90 years old! The parade lap will see the opening drivers crossing the Start line to get underway at 3pm, local time, on Saturday 22nd June, finishing 24 hours later on Sunday, 23rd.

    Anyone else going this year?

    If you're not fortunate enough to experience the event up close and personal, for-real, you might care to check out the details of this year's extensive internet TV coverage, which begins this Sunday (16th).


    Anyone who enjoys F1 should also attend Le Mans 24hr at least once in a life-time! For this reason, I will also take the liberty of posting this in the F1 section, since here in 'Other Motorsports', things seem to go largely unnoticed.

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    I've been watching the race on Euro Sport. I can't believe Allan Simonsen died following his crash. The onboard footage from the car behind shows he wobbled, caught it but flew straight (I assume) in to the barrier on the left hand side.

    Terrible :(

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