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Discussion in 'Stoke City' started by koskikabow, Apr 8, 2017.

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    ( 17.45), and it is the same old, old, story. Every home match we begin by defending THE BOOTHEN END, and we often benefit from the visitors nervousness, and either remain level or take a lead, like today. But then once again we have to play a second half, towards THE BOOTHEN END, and we do NOTHING.
    We always capitulate, like today. 'pool were no great shakes, it is us.
    How many times have we been level or in front at home and then failed to take three points ? Answer, quite often.
    How many goals have we scored in the second half at home. Answer, very very few. Count them on one hand since Crouch scored his record breaking number of headed goals, ( Gerard's last game for 'pool ), and how long ago was that ?
    When, from a losing position, how many successful substitutions has Hughes made to bring extra points or even one ? Help me here because I cannot think of one.

    Our club is destined for the drop, possibly not this time, but I wouldn't bet on staying up next time if things don't change. :emoticon-0106-cryin
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    I am very worried about the direction of our club.

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