Ipswich v Gillingham

Discussion in 'Gillingham' started by grumpygit, Oct 28, 2020.

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    Luck has not been on our side regarding fitness/injuries, but when has it ever!

    I think the boss needs to be careful with comments about officials, we certainly don't need to be picking up any fines. However, credit to him over the covid testing, it appears some clubs are playing by different rules to us.
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    brb - totally agree.
    It's commendable that Evans defends the team - when they deserve it --- Yes, they have been unlucky in the last two games - but - that's life.. With regards to the performance of the Officials -- I rarely defend them -- and Gills have been denied at least two certain penalties this season (( but I will also concede that, if I were referee, there were a couple of games in which I would have given a penalty against The Gills ---I am honest enough ! ).....
    In my opinion, Evans is treading on thin ground when he has given scathing criticism of the referees. He should rein in his criticism ( leave that to me ). He can point out one or two mistakes by the referee - without antagonising the chap sufficiently to get out a retrospective red card !
    ....Also, Evans needs to be honest enough to acknowledge when the other 'better' team has deserved to win --- NOT always Gillingham.
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