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    Dear Members,

    Just a little notice about forum conduct, while we are happy with freedom of speech on this site, and we are more than happy for people to post what is said on other forums as a matter of discussing Charlton related issues, we unfortunately have to draw a line under digs at other forums and members of other forums. Anything like this going forward from today the thread will be closed or the offending post removed.

    This forum we hope is for all like minded Charlton fans to enjoy talking about Charlton and other issues in a sensible and mature way, whilst we know that all people don’t agree with other, we like to hope that we can still discuss these things without childish remarks and rudeness to others.

    Sorry of this comes across in being blunt, but with so much negative things in the news regarding social media, we think this would be the best way to going forward. To protect us and our members.

    We hope you understand and hope to have your continued and appreciated support for us here on NOT606
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