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    I remember a few years ago going on holiday with the family when one Tuesday night City were playing and we were all having a good drink sitting in the hotel in a small resort on the Costa Blanca. I said to the others around 9.30 i was going to go down the road to a small bar were they were showing an English game to get City's result so this i did but at the end the Spanish owner turned the tv over before the results to watch Barcelona. I couldn't believe it so i walked to a phone box but it wasn't working desperate to find out i looked and finally found another rang my mate but when i put my money in he couldn't hear me speak so he put the phone down on me, i asked around if there was any more phone boxes in the town the locals said no so dejected i started to walk back to the bar when a taxi came along i flagged it down and asked him to take me to the next village 5km away he did this i got out he waited i rang my mate and we lost in the old third division 3.0. I got back to the hotel two hrs later in a right mood thinking what an idiot i am as anyone else on here done anything as daft to find out a City score:laugh:

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