Healing yourself with the curious 'art' of Reflexology.

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    2 or 3 months ago it took me ten minutes for me to extricate myself from my bed, too many high impact injuries. both shoulders frozen, cricked neck, and my back having spasms with every move. I was totally f**ked.
    The next few months I spent most of my time poking, prodding and massaging all the points of pain, tracing the tightness back to it's root. Within a week most of the pain was gone, but there were still a lot of tightness and restriction of movement, mainly emanating from the nape of my neck, I just couldn't get my hands into the right place, it was soo annoying, to be so close to being pain free for the first time since a a skiing accident on a school trip in the mid 80's. Then, 2 days ago, my body taught me something else, you don;t need to massage your whole body, just parts of it.
    Everyone I know who has seen a reflexologist has always said how good it is, they press and massage the feet for the session (usually 30 mins) and relieve pain, and get paid nicely for it.
    I don't do it on my feet, they're too hard to keep in position for the time it takes, and I think that's why they use it, and only do it for half an hour, thirty minutes just isn't anywhere near long enough to do the whole job, maybe enough to do one digit, but it is long enough to feel the benefit, meaning they will always get repeat business.
    That's not what my body has taught me, it taught me to do it on my hands.
    To get yourself fit, relieve hundreds of medical complaint, all you have to do is do a kind of deep tissue massage on your whole hand from the very tips of your fingers and thumbs to about 2 inches past your wrist (over the bony part). You should massage ALL the muscles until they are loosened and relaxed, you will have to go over the same parts over and again, manipulating the muscles, bones and tendons all over, getting between the bones as much as you can, push them, twist the, but not painfully.
    As you free up the tension in your hands and fingers you will start to feel movement under your fingers, especially around the joints (pay particular attention to the joints), sometimes it feels like something is wriggling there, as the 'pipes and wires' become loose enough for them to return to there proper position after years (or decades) of being stuck in the wrong alignment.

    The body is a mechanical device made of pulleys, strings and piping, it all needs for it to function at full efficiency is for those pulleys strings and piping to be in the right place. Getting them into the right place on your hands will put them into he right place all over. loosening the tightness will help your blood start to flow to places that have been cut off from the oxygen and nutrients it provides for years.
    I warn you now though, i may be painful, but won't be your hands.

    I hope someone finds this helpful, maybe look on line for some instruction videos, but once you start your body help you learn, mine did.

    PM me if you want any further info.
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    Nice one. A generous effort to help others and something I'm going to try.

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