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Handy Parking - Pride Park - 28/7/18

Discussion in 'Wolves' started by knabby crackers, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. knabby crackers

    knabby crackers Active Member

    Feb 12, 2018
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    I hope this may be helpful to any Wolves fans travelling to Derby by road for the pre-season game on Saturday 28th, parking is available for away supporters on 2 sites [100 and 400 yards from the stadium] at £6 per car/van [sorry no coaches].

    As there are road works on the A52 approach to Pride Park I would advise you travel via the M42/A42 and then take the A6 into Derby, travel through to ALVASTON and at the Blue Peter Pub/Ring Road island go straight across in the left hand lane, keep to the left and go straight on into LONDON ROAD at the next island. Continue along London Road to the next island and turn right towards PRIDE PARK >>> at the next island turn right and go past the front of the stadium and straight across into RIVERSIDE ROAD, the FRENGER SYSTEMS car park is about 60 yards on the right, this is handier for the elderly and less able supporters.

    For those who may wish to eat/drink before the game, continue along Riverside Road to the last unit on the left hand side, the PRIDE VETERINARY CENTRE car park is handier for the away friendly hostelries [ask an attendant for details].

    To avoid congestion when leaving this car park turn left and left again at the island, go round the block and back towards the stadium then right at the stadium to get back onto London Road.

    I hope this helps, have a safe journey. <ok>
  2. hedgeworth

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    Feb 11, 2011
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    Cheers knabby

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