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    Like other side close together bank going to be an ETA car despite GBH it's time to Gridley like any great where cat we need to get warm it's like all we can increase the group I’m going to take you through the six neighbor patterns began to flow I'm going to basically lots reps begin with and reduce the repetitions time see you ending up with one really super cool movement pattern so that this need to extend your arms Justin if she squats nice a study and again I'm not really China tell you exactly where Togo I'm just guiding you through a squat movement next knaves going to be along she stepped forward take Prolong Male Enhancement a leg any likeness change size perfect just wonderful it's k last one from here come to the center squat than and then this time just taken like three gets a nice rotation or twist mall rats size that feeling super from here what those hands forwards I just take it down towards push-up drive backup Allegan like we did in the high to be happy on the knees that's cool too can be one more and this time this decrease basis a poll plane Cup hand across the hip without losing the integrity the body last one I'm what those hands in let's try that again but less of them to give me two squats beautiful lunch for words and that’s looking.

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