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Discussion in 'Hull City' started by johnbo, Nov 9, 2013.

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    May 1, 2012
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    Looking at the fixtures games like today at Southampton in truth you don't expect to win and for those who expected it are great optimists or expecting to much. To me the way the fixtures are looking up to Christmas we are playing the majority of teams that i think will be around us at home and as we all know these are the games we have to win so far we have done well. Looking ahead up to Christmas we have to target wins against Palace, Stoke and Fulham and hope we pick up other points along the way. However this means after Christmas we have to play most of the teams around us away from home which we all know is much harder also it means most top sides will be coming to the kc. The point of all this is i think we need around 23 points in the first half of the season to give us a decent chance in the second half. Overall so far we have done great but i do think its going to get more difficult, i spoke with a couple of neighbours before today's game one thought we would draw the other we would win against a team third in the premier league beat Liverpool drew with Manchester utd and are unbeaten in eight do you think some of us are getting a bit carried away.
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    The reality is we are in a season long relegation battle. So far we have done what we need to do at home and long may that continue. December is a tough month as you say and we will be targeting wins against the teams you mention. I would snatch your hand off for draws against Liverpool and Man Utd.
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    Need to stay ahead of matching points to games played. Still three ahead of the game
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    Lets hope history repeats itself, the short term version of 10 games = 14 points
    The Saints game is similar to the Chelsea one.
    So here is my prediction.
    20 games = 28 points
    30 games = 42 points
    38 games = 52 points

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