EURO Qualifying Group B Table

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    Jun 6, 2011
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    Oct 7 Andorra v Ireland
    Oct 7 Armenia v Macedonia
    Oct 7 Slovakia v Russia

    Nov 10 Ireland v Armenia
    Nov 10 Russia v Andorra
    Nov 10 Macedonia v Slovakia

    Current Table
    Russia P 8 PTS 17
    Ireland P 8 PTS 15
    Armenia P 8 PTS 14
    Slovakia P8 PTS 14

    Considering we thought that we had blown our chances of even finishing second after the home draw with Slovakia last Friday the above table makes pleasent reading for ROI fans.

    If Slovakia can prevent Russia from winning we can qualify automatically by beating Andorra away (surely a definite 3 points) and then beating Armenia in front of a packed Aviva in November (hard task but i believe we are fully capable of beating the Armenians) !!!!

    Keep believing!!!!! <ok>

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    Sep 22, 2011
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    its a case of would you rather slovakia win at home to russia and have a massive chance of ireland winning the group with back to back wins vs andora and armenia but with the slovaks winning it leaves ireland with a chance they could still finnish 3rd and go out or do you hope for a russia win and armenia draw and leaves us just needing to beat andora for a certain play off place!! id be happy if the slovaks win and we just need to beat armenia at home to win the group, as for the andora game if we mess that up we dont deserve to be there,

    the russians only need 4 more points to win the group a draw with the slovaks and win vs andora will be enough to win the group because of head to head

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