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    Hi everyone,

    I posted this on my own team's (Swansea City) page but it would be good to get the interest of fans of all teams.

    This post is a bit of a plug and hopefully a way to drum up some interest.

    A friend of mine has created a YouTube channel called "Downtime Guys". Firstly I want to plug the first "Footy talk" episode that has been posted. Obviously this idea is in its infancy so still a bit basic but please have a listen to it and feel free to post your thoughts here or in the video's comment section. Here is the Footy Talk Episode 1 -

    Basically, it's my friend's idea to make this channel into a sort of community for like minded people to create content on subjects such as football, politics etc. From what he said I think the possibilities are endless. I suggested to him that people on this forum would be an ideal place to look for such people. So if you're interested message the channel to register your interest. Here is the channel -

    Any constructive criticism or advise would be gratefully received as it's my mates aim to keep on building it up. Anyway, enough waffling from me. Let me know what you think and subscribe please!!

    P.S. You could ask certain questions to be discussed in the next video or ask to create a video on a topic you want to discuss.

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