Match Day Thread Celtic u17s Vs Sevco Juniors- Glasgow cup final

Discussion in 'Celtic' started by RebelBhoy, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Celtic won 2-1. It could have been 4, 5 or 6 early on. The Junior Huns are absolutely hopeless. Their Keeper couldn't pass wind.

    Celtic took the lead through Liam Henderson's wee brother. He looked really good for large parts of the match.

    The monkeys came into it a wee bit before half time but it was still against the Hun of play that they equalised.

    Aitchison scored a great winner and was the best player on the pitch by some way. Just way too smart for any of the dopey Huns.

    That kid who is apparently signing for us from the new club did not play well at all. On tonight's evidence he's not good enough for us.

    Celtic had their obligatory wrongful sending off by the Hun ref but we're still miles ahead of the opposition.

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    Good show from the U17s - a few good prospects in that team. The second yellow should never have been given - some of these refs really need to catch themselves on ... was the one tonight trying to show what he could do in the SPL? ;-)
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    Nice ...hope to see some of these guys kickin develop through the squads

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