Can you emulate Southampton and Norwich?

Discussion in 'Wolves' started by The Ides of March, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Wow!! Noticed your attendance today!! Over 30,000. Must be the best attendance for a long time. Well done on your promotion and hope you top the 100 point mark!! Now that you have got momentum, I hope you get back to back promotions and see you in the Premiership in 2015/16!!! It's where you guys belong!!

    PS: What forum do most of your fans use??
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    Thanks for the comments. Biggest crowd at Molineux since 1981, and who wouldn't want to come back after a game like that?
    As for back to back promotions, I don't think it's impossible; Jackett has got the team playing 21st century football, which is both entertaining and effective.
    There are some question marks though. I don't know how the budget will be affected with the parachute payments halving, and a lot of last year's rejects are only out on loan. We really need to offload them so we can spend our money on players who actually want to play for us. And three of our best forwards : Henry, Jacobs and Dicko were released by Championship clubs, so will they be as effective in the Championship?
    What are the prospects for Southampton? It annoys me that the pundits just seem to assume that the likes of Lallana and Shaw will move to bigger clubs. Can Southampton hold on to them and perhaps strengthen next season?
    The forum I use most of the time is the Express and Star one (that's the Wolverhampton local paper).

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