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BristolSport ticketing fiasco

Discussion in 'Bristol City' started by Jiffie, Mar 18, 2022.

  1. Jiffie

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    Apr 6, 2020
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    My daughter contacted me on Wednesday to see if I could get tickets to watch the Bears v Bath tonight. I don't often get the opportunity to spend time alone with her so I jumped at the chance, because this is a minor cup game prices have been reduced and adverts pushing ticket sales are all over social media.
    I have a BCFC season ticket and my daughter has an account with BristolSport.
    I went through the whole process of trying to buy 2 tickets but it was not accepted at the final hurdle, my daughter tried and her attempts failed, we even tried the sychronised buying of a ticket each through our separate BristolSport accounts all of which failed.
    In desperation I phoned this morning and after a 30 minute wait managed to secure 2 crappy tickets.
    I asked why the system was so ****ty and impossible to navigate, the reply was staggering "we have a new payment system, that has not yet been uploaded to the ticketing site".
    The continued amateurism of BristolSports at times beggars belief, what's the old saying "Mickey Mouse has got a BristolSport watch".
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