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    Football Fan who abused police and stewards sentenced

    PF v Jonathon Allan

    At Inverness Sheriff Court today, a football fan who swore at and abused stewards and police officers after being refused entry to a game was sentenced to a community payback order, with a condition to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work, and handed a three year Football Banning Order.

    The court heard that the incident occurred on 19 January this year when Jonathon Allan, from Aberdeen, tried to enter the Caledonian Football Stadium where Inverness Caledonian Thistle were playing Aberdeen.

    He was advised by stewards that he would not be allowed in due to his demeanour which resulted in him shouting abuse and swearing at them.

    Despite then being warned about his behaviour by police he continued being abusive towards stewards and then also the officers, swearing and insulting them, for which he was arrested.

    The Banning Order means that as well as the sentence imposed by the court he will be banned from all regulated football matches throughout the whole of the United Kingdom for a period of three years.

    Speaking following sentencing Vicki Bell, Football Liaison Prosecutor for the North of Scotland, said:

    “Genuine football fans just want to go along to a match, enjoy the experience, and hopefully see their team win.

    “We have a duty to protect those fans from disorderly conduct and also have a duty to protect police officers and stewards as they carry out their roles.”
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    Neil Lennon got off lightly then compared to the Aberdeen supporter.

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    One rule for gingers and all that Johnny.

    This requires clarification.

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