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    I am very glad that Balotelli scored. However, it is hard to compare Rooney and Balotelli. Both are very good players... :emoticon-0111-blush
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    Schumacher - my comment about Rooney was tongue-in-cheek. I support a L2 team, but will concede that ( in the Man Utd set up ) Rooney does well - and in general works harder than Balotelli.
    My response was aimed at England fans who are having a meal of sour grapes. With one or two exceptions the England players either don't have the skills to beat the top 4 or 5( countries ) in the world - or don't work hard enough. The Germans had two extra days rest - yet it was the Italians who looked freshest at the end - and when the Germans did venture forward it seemed that every Italian player wanted to be first to the ball - all after the 120 minutes against England.

    edit - Canary Dave - thanks ( I can't help it )

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