Austin - I'll Be At Pre-Season Training - It's No Big Deal

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    IN a week of talk of bad eggs at QPR, Charlie Austin proved he’s a cracker.

    The striker scored 17 Premier League goals but could not save Rangers from the drop.

    Yet Austin, 25, insists he has no thoughts about turning his back on the club this summer.

    He said: “Unless I’m told otherwise I will report for pre-season. I did exactly the same at Burnley when I had a year to go and I could have gone to Hull.

    “It’s the way I am. I’m not going to start refusing to come in or refusing to go there.

    “I have one year left and I have to honour my contract. It’s out there that I’ve only got one year left but I will come back for when pre-season starts and hopefully get fit for the season to come.

    “Whatever happens off the field there are only certain things I can control. I leave my agent David Threlfall, Tony Fernandes and the guys to speak about that and if they come to a decision then who knows what will happen?

    “Of course everyone wants to play in the Premier League. But I’m part of a team that has just been relegated so I am in no position to say ‘this is what I want’.

    “I worked as hard as I could this season, I gave my all but it’s not worked out for the football club.

    “If I am told to leave then I won’t be here. If I am told to report and nothing is said then I will be here when we report back on day one.”

    While Austin’s future is uncertain, he believes temporary boss Chris Ramsey should be given the chance to lead Rangers straight back in the top division.

    He added: “Chris and Les Ferdinand have an idea of what they want to do for the football club so let them do it now.

    “They have to regroup but if you have the right pre-season then you can be promoted.”

    Since the 6-0 defeat to Manchester City last Sunday which confirmed QPR’s relegation, accusations have been placed at Rangers’ flops that they do not care.

    “But Austin, relegated for the first time in his career, hit back and said: “Of course we care.

    “No one goes out onto the pitch and wants to lose. No one wants to go out there not really caring and getting relegated.

    “No one wants relegation on their CV so personally I don’t agree with those claims.

    “When you cross that white line everyone gives 100 per cent. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be near the pitch.

    Over the whole season we have come up short and we weren’t good enough. You look at the table and it doesn’t lie.

    “Everyone in the dressing room on Sunday was deflated and down. We performed poorly.”

    But not Austin. Incredibly, he has scored more league goals than Barcelona’s Luis Suarez (16), Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich (16) and Real Madrid hitman Karim Benzema (15).

    But the hitman, who revealed he surpassed his pre-season target of between eight and 12 goals — admits he would have swapped his individual success to guarantee QPR’s safety.

    Austin, who was speaking at an event to reward Barclays Spirit of the Game hero Kerry Green, who works at the QPR academy, said: “For the first season in the Premier League I’d have just been happy to get into double figures so where I am now I’m very pleased.

    “It would be nice to get to the magic figure of 20. But I’d have swapped a few goals for QPR to stay in the Premier League.”

    l Charlie Austin was speaking at a Barclays event to inspire the next generation of fans. To win Barclays Premier League tickets and other football experiences search: Barclays Spirit of the Game
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    pity more didn't have his attitude
    although his agent will surely let him know about all the offers
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    Good guy. It will be a shame to see him go.
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    A good egg......:biggrin:
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    It would be nice if he stayed until Xmas and see where we are. I know that will knock his price down but I think he will be gone. Thanks for everything Charlie.
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    He's a true pro, that's for sure. We're gonna miss him.
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    No disrespect to Charlie but that is hogwash. He can afford to say that in the full knowledge that TF & Co ( or is it now RG & Co?) will want to sell him while they can before he can go for a free for nothing!!
    Really,really, REALLY mean no disrespect and will gladly eat Paddy Ashdown's hat if Charlie is playing for us next season.
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    Charlie is a breath of fresh air in today's world of football mercenaries.
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    He really is a top man and although I'd hate to see him go if/when he does I'll wish him all the best.
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    He'll be off.............

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    Hope he stays to stop us getting relegated.
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    What a brilliant attitude...just what we need. If he stays, brilliant, but can't see it. Funny isn't it, always the ones who deserve to be in the premier league who show loyalty, while those who have done sod all during the season who will be looking for a way out.
  13. Shawswood

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    Not sure about whether this article reflects any modicum of loyalty on his part.
    To me, loyalty says here I am and here I stay to fight the good fight.
    What this article says is that if he is still here come pre-season he will come in and train, as he is supposed to do. After all he will be getting well paid for it.

    On the other hand, if his agent comes and tells him that he has signed for Southampton or someone else, then off he goes, because that's what he will be paid to do.

    That's hardly loyalty, in another profession that would describe a mercenary. I have no issue with anyone trying to better themselves, and the very best of luck to him if he does, but loyalty?
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    First of all, chaz is one who has grafted and "worn the shirt" this season, (greeno, joey, lately matt, obz, clint, dunney etc) but as stated loyalty is either saying, im staying to help...give me a contract...OR sign the contract, get 15 goals by Jan and if we not competing, then with increased transfer value (following new contract) go to prem for 25mil....or so with fans blessing
  15. QPR Oslo

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    Spot on. Just like SWP except the agent never called.
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    Sadly it would cost us too much. The only way that it might be possible is if he signed a one year extension to see if we can get back to the prem and sell him if not.

    Can't see TF getting him stay for a year for him to go off on a free.

    We need to "save" the £10m - £15m his departure would net. (Transfer fee and wages).
  17. KooPeeArr

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    He'll try his hardest wherever he is.

    Careers are short and an England cap or two in the offing would make a move to the top tier a lot to turn down.

    Careers are also too short to waste being on strike for a season.

    He's not exactly being disloyal is he.

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