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    We've been bombarded over the last few months by press giving news on the takeover of Reading FC, and especially of the lack of movement. And, of course, on the beautiful Katsia. But despite some of our fears, the guys inside the club - especially the players - didn't seem to much doubt that it was always going forward correctly.

    But all this public news that us, the fans, have received has been almost entirely focussed on the legal and financial aspects of the purchase, and not on the moral and sensitivity side, and the result that this might produce in the players. Therefore I was much interested to read the following article which places its purpose more in the man-management side of things, and of how the takeover has affected the players themselves, and of how they've been introduced to Mr Zingarevich himself. After browsing through it, I'd be interested to see if any of your opinions and views change in any way ...



    Get Bracknell
    by Adam Lee

    McAnuff: Financial investment only helped to spur players on

    Includes quote:
    - McAnuff also revealed how the playing staff took to Zingarevich after the Russian millionaire initially seemed a little shy. However, after a few meetings, the barriers began to fall, the ice was broken, and Zingarevich soon started to feel like he belonged at Madejski Stadium. And, having bankrolled the signings of Jason Roberts,Tomasz Cywka and Hayden Mullins, as well as allowing the club to offer new deals for star player Jimmy Kebe and boss Brian McDermott, Zingarevich had every right to celebrate in Reading’s promotion.

    “Perhaps he was a little reluctant that it (the takeover) hadn’t progressed as he had hoped, but Anton began to come into the changing room towards the end of the season and he joined in with our celebrations," said McAnuff.
    “He was a little bit reluctant at times to be involved, but we soon changed that. We got him on the bus for the tour of Reading and we got on really well during the times we have spent with him. It’s difficult for anyone new coming into the club, whether you’re an owner, a new manger or a new player. We had all been here for a while, but he did it in the right way in terms of gradually getting involved rather than jumping in head on. We’ve tried to welcome him and I think he has really started to feel a bit more of a part of everything."
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    It must have been quite over whelming for him at the start. He's a quiet bloke so getting involved with a bunch noisy Footballers must have been quite intimidating!

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