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Discussion in 'Gillingham' started by allbluelenny, Feb 26, 2021.

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    I have to say I thought it was a diabolical match. Maybe one of the worst ever. Where was Akinde supposed to be playing ???? Cannot believe the pressure and not a single shot on target.
    The Wombles were just as bad and managed to fluke one.
    I sincerely hope something happens before our trip to Pompie this weekend
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    I think our problem is of the managers own making, we have two strikers that are alike. They are big guys, that like to bring the ball down, but are not in themselves out and out goal scorers.

    I'd say Akinde fits the role slightly better than Oliver, but to have them both in the team don't work. Much like how Cody never use to work with Dack.

    Oliver is very good at holding his own and mixing it up a bit like Keds was I suppose. That has a place in the team, but not up front, afterall how many critics did Keds use to have!

    It wasn't that long ago in another game, Oliver brought the ball down for Akinde, who in turn set up Graham to score. It worked, but my question is how often does that work, in my view, no where near enough to justify what we are doing. The game against Wimbledon was evidence of that.

    When we did it with Cody, there was only one player involved, his name, Akinfenwa. Whereas Eaves was completely different to all of them and did what Oliver does but more effectively in the air, in that he scored himself, he didn't need to mix it up for anyone else.

    In reality, our league position suggests that Evans has not failed, quite the opposite in the year of covid.

    However, we have to remember, there is one almighty massive difference here....Evans had to be accepted by the fans. I'll put my hands up and say, yeah I didn't want him here, but even pegleg could see I was coming round.

    Evans has had less criticism from me then most other managers to be fair, through the nature of the beast we've all had to deal with. Hopefully we will be back to some sort of normality next season, and if it's the choice of same again or another manager?...

    It's time to say thank you but goodbye.

    He was never going to win a place in my heart, but I don't hate him either, style of play is a subjective opinion and always will be.
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    I thought I would give this thread a try.

    Rovers game.
    1st, half,
    Strong wind at Priestfield, obvious answer, was ball on ground, play it in midfield.
    Evans obliged with exactly those WRONG tactics.
    We had HOME advantage and didn't use it. The Priestfield midfield pitch is unplayable.
    With the best target man in league 1, the dreaded long ball game was always the only way to go.
    Once we changed it blew them away.

    AFC, was a total reverse,
    The Dons played defensively and surrendered midfield.
    We had loads of possession,and did nothing with it,as we had no-one to play the killer pass. With the midfield changes introduced,it worked.
    The second half we were better and probably deserved at least a point,
    With a couple of minutes to go,we should have excepted the draw, yet Evans was screaming at the defence to get forward and invite the counter attack,the rest is history.
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