A word of advice from the "other" Hoops fan

Discussion in 'Reading' started by Loftus Toad, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Congrats to you lot for securing their promotion and especially to Legs and Gorkks........who would have thought it a few months ago?!
    So, with the prospects of having some money pumped into the club (another dodgy Russian), perhaps they may construct a team that can survive in the Premier League........but........

    They also need to learn from our mistakes. I don't doubt for one minute that is we had our current team at the beginning of the summer training then we would be in a much better position than we are now........but I can't help but wonder what position we would be in if we had kept the squad we got promoted with (inc. Routledge).

    Everyone feels that it was a mistake to sell Gorkks......solid, strong and can nick a goal. We tried to change too much too soon.....almost panic buying.....bit like when the Mrs goes shopping in the sales, buying loads of stuff, then realising that when she gets home that some of it just isn't right :) There is a lot to be said for team chemistry.....something that is only starting to show with us in the past month.

    Reading obviously have a strong team........doubt it's good enough to go above mid-table, but would hope that McDermott keeps as many players as he can.

    Now all that's left to do is return back to work (on Paternity leave) and face the music - work at a secondary school in Berkshire and am going to get ripped to pieces by all the kids who follow the Fake Hoops :)

    All the best.....fingers crossed we can have a local M4 Derby next-season!
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    yep, interesting, it seems the block of the team is going to be entrusted to do the job in hand - no wholesale changes to be made. Still, it'll soon be Zingarevich days, and judging by the fabulous looks of his missus there won't be a spare seat at the place, and not only cos of the football ...

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