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A message from the Supermods

Discussion in 'Huddersfield' started by ellandback, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Mar 30, 2011
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    Further to recent events, Brb and Minxy have decided to tighten up on the rules, and enforce a blanket ban on all adult material.

    Furthermore, conduct deemed as unacceptable will be dealt with in a stricter manner (See below)

    The following was concluded:

    • The site causes untold work for Supermods.
    • Porn causes the site problems with google resulting in banning from searches and advertising.

    Therefore we have agreed the following to resolve the above two issues:
    • That we will remain on as Supermods until further notice (possibly Christmas)
    • All nudity is to be removed from the publicly available boards with immediate effect. Yes including nipples.
    • This excludes GC and password protected areas, which the Supermods leave to the responsibility of the site owner.

    Brb & Minxy have decided jointly:

    • Mods need to remove any porn / nudity posts & links from their boards (with the exception of the already mentioned areas)
    • We will ask that mods carry out this request on their individual boards.
    • If you don’t know how – ask
    • If there are lots – we can permanently delete whole threads if asked
    • Failure to do so, then we will
    • If mods do not wish to carry out these duties, they need to resign & new mods will need to be appointed
    • Any members that decide they wish to break the new forum rules will be banned for a minimum of 72 hours, increasing with each ban.
    • Members that decide they want to throw abuse in the direction of the administration team will also be removed
    • Mods please put a warning notice on your boards about the new changes – including the ban warning

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