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Sep 29, 2013
Jan 25, 2011
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Member, from The Netherlands

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Sep 29, 2013
    1. TuckersLaw
      Malcolm: What’s that film that you love?
      Ollie: What film?
      Malcolm: The one about the ****ing hairdresser, the space hairdresser and the cowboy. The guy, he’s got a tin foil pal and a pedal bin. His father’s a robot and he’s ****ing ****ed his sister. Lego! They’re all made of ****ing lego.
      Ollie: Star Wars?
      Malcolm: That’s the one.
    2. leafygreensuburb
      i should have known a man as wise and cultured as your good self was someone that has seen the Penne boiling in the Pan, its the way forward after all and many more will eventually come to be Touched By His Noodly Appendage, espescially at meal times. In a moment of madness at the start of this very football season i nearly weakened and became a believer of Last Thursdayism then i was struck by the blinding truth of the situation, the inevitable reality that i could`t give a **** about the Europa League and want to think about all other days, especially tuesday and wednesdays. Anyway, here`s to the future and remember Tucker, even in your darkest moments and when the point of Al Dente has long passed, you can always rely on Batchelors(*) Super Noodles to never let u down. The Power and the Glory......ARRABIATA.
      ( * other noodles are available)
    3. leafygreensuburb
      nowthen TuckersLaw, bit of a surprise u lot losing at the weekend but surely the blow was softened a bit by us lot beating the Chavs
    4. TuckersLaw
      The Chelsea years of 05 and 06 were a turning point for me. I tuned in each week, hoping to see them drop points, only to end up cursing their 'lucky' late goals or favourable decisions.

      But at some point I realised that I only cared about Chelsea games so much because they were so good. I needed them to drop points because United were not up to the job of keeping ahead of them (at the time). I started to look at our team instead of theirs. I realised that their results would matter a whole lot less if we were not depending in them in the first place. The penny had dropped.
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    Tomorrow, from broadsheets to **** rags, I want pages one, two and three to be a profile of Tom looking like a f**king political colossus. Y'know: Tom meeting the Pope, Tom in an NHS hospital chatting to little, baldie kiddies. I want pages four and five to be a timeline of British politics with me at the center looking f**king indispensable and f**king benign. And I want page six to be... f**king Israel or some bulls**t. Not a f**king DoSAC dips**t legacy-distracting Cockup!