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Jun 16, 2011
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Fitness Model and Professional Boxer

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Well-Known Member, from Hell

Wubbadubdub Jun 9, 2018

    1. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
    2. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      47.5 years of age. I love in Essex, and live there too, you grammar Nazi. I am a full time builder. My name is Jeff.
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      2. The Cunnilungus Connoisseur
        The Cunnilungus Connoisseur
        like your profile update. are you gay/bi?
        Feb 22, 2016
    3. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      Hi Jude, how goes it? Hope you are keeping well.
      Are you working, how's your love life
      Nosey bugger that l am.
      GLITF x
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    4. Agent Bruce.
      Agent Bruce.
      Let Bri out of your back pocket man! He will beel.
    5. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Hi, I'm JPF, I'm 56, and I like long walks on the beach and brunettes with no shame. My pets include Gus Poyet.
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    6. Albert's Chip Shop
      Albert's Chip Shop
      Weds 18th June
      Australia 1-3 Netherlands
      Spain 1-1 Chile
      Cameroon 1-2 Croatia

      Thursday 19th June
      Colombia 2-1 Ivory Coast
      Uruguay 2-1 England
      Japan 0-1 Greece

      Friday 20th June
      Italy 3-1 Costa Rica
      Switzerland 1-3 France
      Honduras 2-1 Equador

      Saturday 21st June
      Argentina 5-0 Iran
      Germany 3-1 Ghana
      Nigeria 1-0 Bosnia

      Sunday 22nd June
      Belgium 2-1 Russia
      S Korea 1-0 Algeria
      USA 1- 3 Portugal

      Mon 23rd June
      Australia 1-3 Spain
      Netherlands 3-1 Chile
      Cameroon 0-4 Brazil
      Croatia 1-2 Mexico

      Tues 24th June
      Costa Rica 1-3 England
      Italy 1-1 Uruguay
      Greece 1-2 Ivory Coast
      Japan 1-2 Colombia

      Weds 25th June
      Bosnia 3-1 Iran
      Nigeria 0-3 Argentina
      Ecuador 1- 3 France
      Honduras 1-1 Switzerland

      Thurs 26th June
      Portugal 3-1 Ghana
      USA 0-3 Germany
      Algeria 1-3 Russia
      S Korea 1- 3 Belgium
    7. Albert's Chip Shop
    8. Somebodys pinched my sombrero
      Somebodys pinched my sombrero
      Worst thing about it mate, was the fact they took me to friggin sunderland! Couldn't wait to get out. The ward was like something from one flew over the cuckoos nest!
    9. Somebodys pinched my sombrero
      Somebodys pinched my sombrero
      Cheers for the thought mate! I'll be fine in a few weeks. <ok>
    10. Albert's Chip Shop
    11. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      As predicted, there's a load of new visitors to my page... PERVERTS!!!!
    12. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      No not been hiding, although l have been tempted to lie down in a dark room on many occasions during this glorious season.
      Just been away, in France would you believe. Hope all is well kiddo. X
    13. LTF
      Hi Ya Pet!
      Just wondering if you're going to Evolution this year?
      Oh, and I hope you're well, <laugh> X
    14. Obaoutofthetoon09
      Wow I've only just seen your message. Sorry, I'm just terribly slow on this whole thing. You guessed right, I mainly surf the place with the occasional contribution!
    15. Albert's Chip Shop
    16. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      The "petting Zoo" is to stroke the animals Gandalf, not for you and DT to get passionate, please do not get confused on this matter or you might end up in a spot of bother. Lol don't wait for the weather to be kind, just wrap up warm and dry and get out in that wonderful fresh air. Lots of love to you both...GLitF
    17. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      Yo Gandalf, how goes it my wizardy friend. I trust you are well. Yes we eventually made it back to THE FEN although the A1 was not at all kind. Had a great time back on my old stomping ground, and even though the weather was a challenge managed to visit all of the following places...
      Alnwick, Durdridge Bay, Bamborough, Seahouses, Budle Bay, Holy Island, Rothbury, Kielder. So got about a wee bit. Plenty fresh air and long walks, totally brilliant.
    18. LTF
      I made a small fortune on my one and only serious attempt at gambling, Ladies Day at Newcastle, 4 winners mate, couldn't believe it, no favourites, picked quirky names! Jobs a good 'un. ;)
    19. LTF
      I shall research the teams, study the form, check out the strips, home and away............then make an informed choice :wink:
    20. LTF
      Invited myself to join your new group earlier in the week, hope you don't mind.!
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