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Newcastle United 0-1 Cambridge United, from Caterham, Surrey

Staff Member
    1. Bob the Mackem
      Bob the Mackem
      Sid can you please remove my full name and replace it with Bob the Makem.
      I'm getting to much stuff to my private email and phone
      Cheers bob
      1. Sidthemackem
        Hi Bob. I'm not actually a mod now, but this seems to have been done. Everything OK now?
        Jun 10, 2022
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    Caterham, Surrey
    Exiled mackem living in the Surrey Hills


    Six in a row. No, not the number of pieces Adnan Khashoggi was cut into by NUFC's new owners. Nor the number of executions held in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.
    It's actually the Derby Day record sequence: 2012/13 Newcastle 0-3 Sunderland 2013/14 Sunderland 2-1 Newcastle & Newcastle 0-3 Sunderland
    2014/15 Newcastle 0-1 Sunderland & Sunderland 1-0 Newcastle 2015/16 Sunderland 3-0 Newcastle FTM & FSA!