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    1. Ric Glasgow
      Ric Glasgow
      I'd like my account closed.Your forum is populated by left wing idiots whose answer to any debate is 'nazi','racist',etc etc etc and you don't judge things equally either.
      1. originallambrettaman
        Sorry, only just seen this. We delete political posts only, if makes no difference if they're left or right, you were temporarily removed from one thread for your daft argument with Ben, who was also removed. We just tidy up. We also can't close accounts, people who no longer want to post, simply stop posting. <ok>
        Jun 23, 2020
    2. Luke O'Nien
      Luke O'Nien
      Why stop me posting on certain threads
    3. Luke O'Nien
      Luke O'Nien
      I said nothing wrong on the thread
    4. Girt Bucket
      Girt Bucket
      Please Delete my account Rob , please CBD Saffy told me to message you to do this. Ta.
      1. DUNCAN DONUTS likes this.
    5. Girt Bucket
      Girt Bucket
      I Want You To Delete My User Account Please.
      1. Saff
        Message brb, he should do it for you.
        Mar 22, 2019
    6. Girt Bucket
      Girt Bucket
      The Kramer Acoustic / Electric Guitar , What Is your rock bottom asking price please?.
    7. Girt Bucket
      Girt Bucket
      In the guitar players thread , There's a mention maybe of a Guitar or 2 for Sale. I am interested in an acoustic guitar for myself. Thoughts!?
    8. addistiger
      Hi, I've recently noticed that someone is posting under my username - don't know why or how! I am addistiger and I have not posted anything or replied to any threads for a long, until the last few days when I noticed the 'fake' addistiger! Please look into this. Thanks.
    9. hull lad
      hull lad
      hi i was chatting to you about lambretta and trojan clothes. you said if i was going to order something you would give me a coupon code.im after 3 womans polo shirts.if the offer still stands could i have a code please
      1. originallambrettaman
        Sorry, I only just spotted this, most things on the site are now half price or less, just go to www.skaandsoul.com
        Jan 7, 2017
      2. hull lad
        hull lad
        yes i ordered some ladies polo shirts at full price then got email saying i would get them at sale price. sorted saved £45 so i bought myself some jeans,cheers
        Jan 8, 2017
      thanks for your help again
    11. Tiger Barmy
      Tiger Barmy
      Robson Kanu....I guess this won't happen any longer.
    12. jacksdad
      Hi OLM, can you tell me how I send a PM?
      Can't find PM on here mate but will avoid talking to a certain poster on here again seems like I've upset him quite a bit on the Match Thread, doesn't make nice reading for people
    14. Patience
      hi m8 can you fix my PM functions and also undo the tags ban and also let me back on the premier league boards and the other english ones too?

      thanks in advance bud.
      1. User Deleted likes this.
      2. User Deleted
        User Deleted
        me 2 u dick
        Oct 11, 2016
      3. Patience
        well said scan m8 lets double team this prick
        Oct 11, 2016
    15. lakesideview
      How do I PM you OLM .
    16. Viva_Giggsy
    17. joannahatfield
      I've found it. CD title "Dreaming out loud"!
    18. joannahatfield
      Do you know the artist who is singing "Come home" on the Phil Brown clip left by Liblob?
    19. StubbDave
    20. tigerpants54
      Hi there, one of your posters on here 'allan ben arfa' has wished me to die!...i dont feel this is very good behaviour for a social forum, I'd respect if he were banned or I will report this forum!...as these words are shocking beyond anything!
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