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Jan 25, 2011
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June 3
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Deepest, darkest NE1... Home be SR6
Tunes & travel.

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    1. Shameless
    2. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      We're both in the guff Mushy! It's at times like this a man needs something as silly as rep... So thank you! Have some yourself!

      @AmsterdamRog <laugh> Love you too Rog you lying dingbat!

      I haven't been on the Mackem-board since your idiotic offence taking at my polite thread, as I promised having accidentally insulted your pea-brain, so surely even you can see that I'm not a WUM. Maybe if you looked at past usernames you'd see I've never been what you're suggesting <doh>

      And I've never ever been banned. Might be because your MODs are gents (when Comms not pissed! <laugh>) and it's only the illiterate like yourself who have ever taken offence at my posts!

      Seeing as both your team and our team are the **** though at least we might be bottom-buddies in the future :biggrin::emoticon-0109-kiss:
    3. Schwerer Gustav
      Schwerer Gustav

      Meant to send a pm

    4. Makemstine Roger
      Makemstine Roger
      Mate i need your mods help. some mag didn't like it when i answerd him back on our board to his wum, then posted some filth on my visitors messages. he was banned but keeps coming back in different guises putting really gay porn on my visitors page i have reported it but nothings happend, can you block his ip for being a ****.. can you sort him out please.

      his aliases are Tash's Dash For Gash
      The Judean People's Front
    5. connor wigham
    6. connor wigham
      connor wigham
      its for 1/2 weeks and i really need to be banned because i need to do this work and i keep coming on here to ban me means i whould stay away.... all the outher sites have complied and i dont see your problem... please its only for a few weeks and i will be back

      if you cant do that please can you permemently ban me because i need to this work
    7. connor wigham
    8. connor wigham
      connor wigham
      im not even joking who doineed to go to to get temp ban???
    9. connor wigham
      connor wigham
      can you please temp ban me for 1-2 weeks please.... i have some work to do and keep getting distracted by this site and i really need to do it

      cheers <ok>
    10. connor wigham
      connor wigham
      no its the first row sports guide how to use the one you got?? i thought maybe it whould help.... there isnt any outher i dont think well i was told about one but its a pay per month
    11. connor wigham
      connor wigham
      do you remember i got you to buy that app that never worked skyfire??

      well i was wondering have you had any use out of it and if not i found this and wondered if it helps??

    12. Gil T Azell
      Gil T Azell
      Please remove post Al get my coat.

      In hindsight bad taste
    13. Shameless
    14. DaveySAFC
      Hi BB, Hope all is going well in sunny Spain

      I know this has been mentioned many times about this REP crap on here. Im getting a bit sick every time I post on the NUFC board just normal posts no wumming intended, I receive feedback like "Utter Spaz" "Super GAY **** OFF" etc is there a way to stop them doing this??
    15. gbsafc4eva
      Hi mate. I'm trying to watch BBC I player out here but won't let me due to me living in spain. I remember you saying you knew how to hide ip address, be grateful if you let me know, cheers, George.
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    June 3
    Home Page:
    Deepest, darkest NE1... Home be SR6
    Tunes & travel.
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    Sunderland AFC
    North stand season ticket holder, previously main stand Roker wing.
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