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Apr 24, 2014
Jan 25, 2011
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Apr 24, 2014
    1. Albert's Chip Shop
      Albert's Chip Shop
      Lord Flasheart has just got in and is having an early night
    2. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      <yikes> What did you say the next Lotto numbers were going to be?
    3. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      BOOOOOOOO!!!! <nahnah>

      A real picker picks thus;
      1. By the wackiest/geekiest/craziest sounding first
      2. In the event of them all sounding wacky, crazy or geeky, place one hand over the eyes and use the other to land on a list
      3. In the event of some horrible accident preventing 2 and all the names being wacky, crazy or geeky, check who came top last year and choose them <whistle>

      I can't wait to share this information with DT the day she tells me she's pregnant MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Behold, Xavier Kitchings Cheick Sissoko, the world's greatest named baby!
    4. LTF
    5. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      <laugh> Lovely! I was a bit lonely like <wah>

      I hope you've sorted yourself out with a team, there's many sexy and wonderful teams to choose from of course :emoticon-0105-wink:

      Not sure how I'm going to watch it though... Do they have links for the mighty Scandinavian leagues? Probably too mighty for camera crews!
    6. canary-dave
      I'm very well thanks Pet, it's very cold here today, yesterday was lovely, I managed to dry a line of washing, I do like my towels to dry and air outside! Hope you are well, we'll catch each other one day! Take care Pet xx <smooch>
    7. Albert's Chip Shop
    8. canary-dave
      Morning sweetheart, I will always look for you and it makes me happy when I find you! Your little notes when you rep me ALWAYS make me smile! Take care Pet. xxxx <smooch>
    9. canary-dave
      We'll be on a collision course one day! <smooch>
    10. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      Good evening wor lass <nahnah>

      Trust you are well?

      <laugh> No I'm not <wah> I think those types of threads were creating problems. People who had been banned for posting off-topic stuff on our board were unhappy that I seem to enjoy free-reign somewhat, especially being a mod. Also, I don't really want to take anything away from the serious Match Day threads people put a lot of effort into!

      I think Michu's safer this way anyhoo! <cheers>
    11. canary-dave
      Hello early bird! How are you? <smooch>
    12. canary-dave
      I will always look for you when it's your turn! <smooch>
    13. canary-dave
      And a big hello to you too! <smooch>
    14. ristac
      When are you going to pop into the rep brothel and say hello ;)
    15. canary-dave
      Hiya pet, I'm very well thank you! How's your good self?
    16. Minxy
      Just thinking about going & wondering why I offered. Wish I wasn't so conscientious xx
    17. TheJudeanPeoplesFront
      TheJudeanPeoplesFront!!!! :emoticon-0102-bigsm
    18. Geordie lass in the Fen
      Geordie lass in the Fen
      Hi pet, yes had a lovely birthday, but nothing beats fish and chips down the quay, only because if your eating them, then it means l am home, if only for a short while. You can take the lass out of the Toon, but you cannot take the Toon out the lass. Xxx
    19. canary-dave
      Hi LTF, we certainly seem to be! xx
    20. canary-dave
      Hi LTF, how could I ever fall out with one as lovely as you? I always look forward to your message when you rep me! Take care and sorry about Saturday ;) xxxx
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