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District Line
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Aug 21, 2022
Apr 21, 2011
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District Line

Well-Known Member, from London

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Aug 21, 2022
    1. Erik
      Whence did it come then, Forrest?

      There are several possibilities:

      1) You heard Best say it on TV/radio and, being a thick ****, misheard "would've" (that is, "would have") as "would of";
      2) You read "would have" in a book/magazine/website and, being a thick ****, re-wrote it as "would of" in your signature;
      3) You read "would of" in a book/magazine/website and, being a thick ****, failed to amend the grammatical error as you are too dumb to have noticed it.

      Yours sincerely,
      A 7-fingered (yes, SEVEN) Northern Monkey
    2. Erik
      Nor does it seem to be sinking in with you, you thick Southern ****. How the **** can the quote come from ANYONE, let alone George Bastard Best?
      Please think carefully about your response, before you embarrass yourself even further.
    3. Erik
      You're a ****ing idiot, and an illiterate one at that.

      "Would of" does not make sense. It is never, and has never been, grammatically correct.

      I believe you mean "would have".

      Now get it changed, dyslexic twat.
    4. Ammaar
      Forgot to tell you; congratulations for being picked as a moderator of the Chelsea board. And I see you've been unbanned from the Spurs board too - we'll see how long that lasts when the season starts, haha!
    5. totsfan
      yep DL i was born & bred in Sutton,and moved to Andover in the 90's.I still go to watch Sutton United play in the Blue Square South
    6. Billy Death JR
      Billy Death JR
      Hey just saw that your a mod so good luck if you dont know who i am Billy Death im his son
    7. Billy Death JR
      Billy Death JR
      Clear Inbox man
    8. No Kane No Gain
      No Kane No Gain
      Hope I'm not too late, just seen you're a mod now, congrats <ok>

      ... And a positive article on Spurs, you've changed man ;)
    9. Ammaar
      DL, I need you to clear your inbox :)
    10. Ammaar
      Hey DL,
      I saw your post on the Arsenal board regarding our crisis and just wanted to say, I agreed with all of it and it's probably the most accurate thing I've ever seen you write, so you deserve huge credit for that. I hope the Spurs fans start taking you more seriously, as well.

      All the best mate <ok>

      Ammaar (formerly SamirNasriIsAwanker)
    11. District Line
      District Line
      Haha yeah, go for it
    12. Ammaar
      I don't have Twitter but I occasionally stalk Kamran to see how much of a **** he is on there. I'm going to check your Twitter page. I think I know who you are; your name begins with M, right?
    13. Ammaar
      I thought he was going to Spurs? Do you have a link to that story? Seeing as Squillaci's off to Monaco (****ING YES!), I wouldn't mind Samba but I still don't think we'll get him and question if he'll cope with our high line. Vermaelen, Koscielny and Mertesacker are our three rotating CBs. Despite what the press might say, on the whole, Merts has been a good buy for us. Will be a bit shocked if we get Samba, though.
    14. Ammaar
      LOL don't worry mate, I'm used to people telling me that <laugh> He's actually a good poster, but the way he expresses his opinion to rival supporters is patronising and rude.
    15. Hoddle is a god
    16. District Line
      District Line
      Since 1995 NO London based team have been in the top 3 at Christmas which translates to "Spurs are the first London club to be in the top 3 at Christmas since 1995".
    17. MLG
      Im having fun
    18. MLG
    19. MLG
      Virgin get a life you sad loner
    20. Bwood_Ranger
      I've just noticed this message and have no idea what we were discussing at the time. All the best after your gracious handling of today's bizarre game.
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