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connor wigham
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May 5, 2013
Feb 26, 2011
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connor wigham

Active Member, from Harrogate

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May 5, 2013
    1. Nads
      Ha ha.

      Only Syd can ban mate, if you really need a temp ban, he'll do it, just PM him!
    2. Nads
      Cos we like people posting, you pillock!
    3. Nads
      Ha, you can ask Syd.

      He will also decline...
    4. Nads

      i've considered your request, and rejected it.

      Sorry like ;)
    5. Nads
      just tried it mate, still doesn't graft, meh!
    6. Nads
      Na never worked mate, was ****e!

      I'll try this new one, is it for Iphone??
    7. Bolton4Europe
      It won't be that good, but I'll give it a go.

      Thanks for the reminder <ok>
    8. Larry-AV
      Hello Wigan,

      Although AV were a bit disjointed in midfield at times, we were solid at the back and had several goal attempts. MOM was Gabby, 1 goal and one 'assist', which was more like do everything but score rather than 'assist', passing to Bent, who put the ball in the net. A good win and nice to end the Wigan 'hoodoo'. N'Zogbia came on as a late Sub, but made no impact, hopefully he'll click against Man City (if picked to play).


    9. Welcome to the North
      Welcome to the North
      Unfortunately, It'll be a little no mark PL club, but if you really tried, you could muster up around 200 away fans?

      The good bit is, we'll show you who the real Latics are and give you lot a good beating back to Pie 'ed land <laugh> ;)
    10. sonjack5
      how are we doing? have we got many fans on here? I've not been on for a while
    11. Welcome to the North
      Welcome to the North
      Can't wait 'till we play Bastard W*g*n again... ;)
    12. MabonJack
      Hi Wigan

      His name is Scottswan


    13. sonjack5
      Congrats to our new mod!
    14. pompeymeowth
      Greetings Fellow Moderator. I've not read any of your musings, as of yet. But I shall have a look!
    15. Welcome to the North
      Welcome to the North
      'Latics' is a Lancastrian abriviation of Athletic, first used by Oldham Athletic in the Early 1900's and has been the clubs nick name ever since.
    16. Welcome to the North
      Welcome to the North
      Errrr... Because Wigan stole Oldhams name.

      Pie eating mutants.
    17. Proud Fox
      Proud Fox
      Ladies put your handbags away
    18. Welcome to the North
      Welcome to the North
      You do realise, everytime you report one of my comments, I get an e-mail because I'm a mod.
      Get a grip.

      Oh, and errrm, there was no swearing in the last one.
    19. Welcome to the North
      Welcome to the North
      Cos you was slagging me off on Chatbox. Fake Latics.
    20. Welcome to the North
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    Born in southland New Zealand I moved to Britian at a few mounths old my best freind was a wigan fan (moved to yorkshire) and so i started following wigan from that day on through the lows and highs, the rest of my family are sunderland fans though so i support them aswell. I enjoy almost all sports having a team in most and enjoy debating sport and watching it to. I have always played sport and still do.


    Fire brigade phones Alan Pardew in the early hours of Sunday morning...
    "Alan Pardew, St James Park is on fire!"
    "The cups ! Save the cups!" replies Alan Pardew .
    "Well...the fire hasn't spread to the canteen yet, sir."