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Apr 30, 2014
Mar 22, 2011
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Apr 30, 2014
    1. Staines R's
      Staines R's
      All this rep stuff did make me laugh mate, thanks for sorting that.....I have more now than when It all started :)
      I'm still laughing at it now.
      Take care mate
    2. qpr1st
      Hi Brixton,

      We have been trying to post to the forum, but our account doesn't appear to be fully activated yet, or posts are awaiting moderation.

      Can you help out with this?

      You Rs!
    3. El Pirata
      El Pirata
    4. BrixtonR
      Poll thread going up later today (hopefully).
    5. QPR New York
      QPR New York
      How do we vote on the rules?
    6. BrixtonR
      'Tis a bit (understatement). Doesn't help does it?

      Swords has apologised and PM'd me that he's taking a self-imposed ban until after the West Ham game.

      Meantime I'll be consulting our other mod over the appropriate course of action.
    7. westlondonlalala
      Is this not a racist (very) post?

      Yid, how big is your Hooter?
    8. BrixtonR
      Not my jurisdiction mate. If the boot was on the other foot I'd have either opened the debate or closed the thread like Drogs did.
    9. Queenslander!!
    10. qprbeth
      Not quite sure what is going on..If it is anything to do with people insulting me....I am not complaining/I don't give a monkeys. I am joking with Queens being my protector..I can look after myself. I know what I know, and i know a darn sight more about footy than many here. so not worried. Bricks and stones etc. However, I do not like the apparent drunken-like outbursts that appeared initially with Cerny, then secret ranger and now StanleyBowles....i wonder f they are the same person. The offensive stuff is often directed against others. Swords is as often sinned against as sinning in the first place IMHO. Anyway I personally don't take offense easily, and happy to take it as the token girl on the board (every board needs one!!!). I am here to chat footy about the team i love and have a friendly banter..
      Good moderating on you and NUTS part. keep it up. If I did ever get offended you will be the first to know via a private PM, as will the person who truely upsets me

      Come on u Rs
    11. BrixtonR
      He got banned Steve. Constant trolling (wumming).

      Should've toned it down a bit when he got back from his previous ban. Syd posted a warning that next time it'd be permanent. Don't know if it is or not. Syd never says. Then again, I never ask... Hate having to pull the plug though.
    12. Queenslander!!
      Morning Brix, well for me it is...
      Without wanting to break the new found harmony on the board and start a new thread, I was just wondering where Swords is?
      Been a bit busy at work personally and needed a break. 'What have i missed?
      Thanks Mate.
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