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May 19, 2022
Feb 14, 2011
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The North West

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May 19, 2022
    1. Nick HCAFC
      Nick HCAFC
      I saw your message on Jake Humphreys blog, well done mate for getting that comment in there, I don't use BBC to post comments since they announced the scrapping of 606. This whole Sky thing is a disaster for me, the GP's are one of the things I look forward to in the week as I am disabled so it breaks up the time and gives the week a focus, to think that I will have to pay 600quid a year to Sky to follow it next year is making me feel ill. Have a good week!
    2. McFerrari
      Thanks for the welcome BrightLampShade! Were you part of the original 606?
    3. EternalMSC
      Nice plan pal ;)
    4. EternalMSC
      You planning on changing the background in the summer then?
    5. Stevi555
      Flying visit bud. Alls good I hope. I'll try as I said to Irish earlier and get online tmoz 
      Have a good 1 BLS...
    6. Smoggy
      Am I being checked out for subversive behaviour?
    7. Max Whiplash
      Max Whiplash
      Thanks for the welcome. Still finding my way around, hence the slow reply! I'm very impressed: a credit to the mods and members.
    8. Stevi555
      It's been a while BLS since ive been on here, but hey, the site is looking good..
      I'm a little surprised, but in a good way <ok> So I see why you've been trying to get others to give it a go, not that it was bad to start with....
      Anyway, time I made an effort myself tbh....
      You being a Moderator and still here throws it a good bit of credibility and I've had a read over the threads and comments..all good....
      Later bud.....
      Get a bit wrapped in 606 at times.....
    9. WestCoastBoogaloo
      Hi There!

      Thanks for the welcome. I was on Muz606 but one of the members completely ruined it for me. However, it did alert me to how badly run it was so I guess that's a silver lining! I must confess I haven't been on here much since signing up as I just started a new job but I'm hoping I'll have a bit more time now.
    10. Stevi555
      Your a mod BrightLamp, oh siht. Lol. Mind me to behave will you:emoticon-0105-wink:
      Well done you. Hopefully you won't be needed to often and the site makes a good go of it huh. Have a good one BLS<cheers>
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