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Image Title Text
1980 Boogie Down 1980 Boogie Down :1980_boogie_down:
Afro Afro :afro:
Angel Angel :angel:
Angry Angry :angry:
Augh Augh <laugh>
Azn Azn :azn:
Badger Badger <badger>
Biggrin Biggrin :biggrin:
Cheers Cheers <cheers>
Cheesy Cheesy :cheesy:
Confused Confused <confused>
Cool Cool <cool>
Cracker Cracker <cracker>
Cry Cry :cry:
Diva Diva <diva>
Doh Doh <doh>
Eek Eek <eek>
Embarrassed Embarrassed :embarrassed:
Emoticon 0100 Smile Emoticon 0100 Smile :emoticon-0100-smile
Emoticon 0101 Sadsmile Emoticon 0101 Sadsmile :emoticon-0101-sadsm
Emoticon 0102 Bigsmile Emoticon 0102 Bigsmile :emoticon-0102-bigsm
Emoticon 0103 Cool Emoticon 0103 Cool :emoticon-0103-cool:
Emoticon 0104 Surprised Emoticon 0104 Surprised :emoticon-0104-surpr
Emoticon 0105 Wink Emoticon 0105 Wink :emoticon-0105-wink:
Emoticon 0106 Crying Emoticon 0106 Crying :emoticon-0106-cryin
Emoticon 0107 Sweating Emoticon 0107 Sweating :emoticon-0107-sweat
Emoticon 0108 Speechless Emoticon 0108 Speechless :emoticon-0108-speec
Emoticon 0109 Kiss Emoticon 0109 Kiss :emoticon-0109-kiss:
Emoticon 0110 Tongueout Emoticon 0110 Tongueout :emoticon-0110-tongu
Emoticon 0111 Blush Emoticon 0111 Blush :emoticon-0111-blush
Emoticon 0112 Wondering Emoticon 0112 Wondering :emoticon-0112-wonde
Emoticon 0113 Sleepy Emoticon 0113 Sleepy :emoticon-0113-sleep
Emoticon 0114 Dull Emoticon 0114 Dull :emoticon-0114-dull:
Emoticon 0115 Inlove Emoticon 0115 Inlove :emoticon-0115-inlov
Emoticon 0116 Evilgrin Emoticon 0116 Evilgrin :emoticon-0116-evilg
Emoticon 0117 Talking Emoticon 0117 Talking :emoticon-0117-talki
Emoticon 0118 Yawn Emoticon 0118 Yawn :emoticon-0118-yawn:
Emoticon 0119 Puke Emoticon 0119 Puke :emoticon-0119-puke:
Emoticon 0120 Doh Emoticon 0120 Doh :emoticon-0120-doh:
Emoticon 0121 Angry Emoticon 0121 Angry :emoticon-0121-angry
Emoticon 0125 Mmm Emoticon 0125 Mmm :emoticon-0125-mmm:
Emoticon 0126 Nerd Emoticon 0126 Nerd :emoticon-0126-nerd:
Emoticon 0127 Lipssealed Emoticon 0127 Lipssealed :emoticon-0127-lipss
Emoticon 0128 Hi Emoticon 0128 Hi :emoticon-0128-hi:
Emoticon 0129 Call Emoticon 0129 Call :emoticon-0129-call:
Emoticon 0130 Devil Emoticon 0130 Devil :emoticon-0130-devil
Emoticon 0131 Angel Emoticon 0131 Angel :emoticon-0131-angel
Emoticon 0132 Envy Emoticon 0132 Envy :emoticon-0132-envy:
Emoticon 0133 Wait Emoticon 0133 Wait :emoticon-0133-wait:
Emoticon 0135 Makeup Emoticon 0135 Makeup :emoticon-0135-makeu
Emoticon 0136 Giggle Emoticon 0136 Giggle :emoticon-0136-giggl
Emoticon 0137 Clapping Emoticon 0137 Clapping :emoticon-0137-clapp
Emoticon 0138 Thinking Emoticon 0138 Thinking :emoticon-0138-think
Emoticon 0139 Bow Emoticon 0139 Bow :emoticon-0139-bow:
Emoticon 0140 Rofl Emoticon 0140 Rofl :emoticon-0140-rofl:
Emoticon 0141 Whew Emoticon 0141 Whew :emoticon-0141-whew:
Emoticon 0142 Happy Emoticon 0142 Happy :emoticon-0142-happy
Emoticon 0143 Smirk Emoticon 0143 Smirk :emoticon-0143-smirk
Emoticon 0145 Shake Emoticon 0145 Shake :emoticon-0145-shake
Emoticon 0146 Punch Emoticon 0146 Punch :emoticon-0146-punch
Emoticon 0147 Emo Emoticon 0147 Emo :emoticon-0147-emo:
Emoticon 0148 Yes Emoticon 0148 Yes :emoticon-0148-yes:
Emoticon 0149 No Emoticon 0149 No :emoticon-0149-no:
Emoticon 0150 Handshake Emoticon 0150 Handshake :emoticon-0150-hands
Emoticon 0151 Skype Emoticon 0151 Skype :emoticon-0151-skype
Emoticon 0152 Heart Emoticon 0152 Heart :emoticon-0152-heart
Emoticon 0153 Brokenheart Emoticon 0153 Brokenheart :emoticon-0153-broke
Emoticon 0157 Sun Emoticon 0157 Sun :emoticon-0157-sun:
Emoticon 0158 Time Emoticon 0158 Time :emoticon-0158-time:
Emoticon 0159 Music Emoticon 0159 Music :emoticon-0159-music
Emoticon 0160 Movie Emoticon 0160 Movie :emoticon-0160-movie
Emoticon 0162 Coffee Emoticon 0162 Coffee :emoticon-0162-coffe
Emoticon 0163 Pizza Emoticon 0163 Pizza :emoticon-0163-pizza
Emoticon 0164 Cash Emoticon 0164 Cash :emoticon-0164-cash:
Emoticon 0165 Muscle Emoticon 0165 Muscle :emoticon-0165-muscl
Emoticon 0166 Cake Emoticon 0166 Cake :emoticon-0166-cake:
Emoticon 0167 Beer Emoticon 0167 Beer :emoticon-0167-beer:
Emoticon 0168 Drink Emoticon 0168 Drink :emoticon-0168-drink
Emoticon 0169 Dance Emoticon 0169 Dance :emoticon-0169-dance
Emoticon 0170 Ninja Emoticon 0170 Ninja :emoticon-0170-ninja
Emoticon 0171 Star Emoticon 0171 Star :emoticon-0171-star:
Emoticon 0172 Mooning Emoticon 0172 Mooning :emoticon-0172-mooni
Emoticon 0173 Middlefinger Emoticon 0173 Middlefinger :emoticon-0173-middl
Emoticon 0174 Bandit Emoticon 0174 Bandit :bandit:
Emoticon 0175 Drunk Emoticon 0175 Drunk :emoticon-0175-drunk
Emoticon 0176 Smoke Emoticon 0176 Smoke :emoticon-0176-smoke
Emoticon 0177 Toivo Emoticon 0177 Toivo :emoticon-0177-toivo
Emoticon 0178 Rock Emoticon 0178 Rock :emoticon-0178-rock:
Emoticon 0179 Headbang Emoticon 0179 Headbang :headbang:
Emoticon 0181 Fubar Emoticon 0181 Fubar :emoticon-0181-fubar
Emoticon 0182 Poolparty Emoticon 0182 Poolparty :emoticon-0182-poolp
Emoticon 0183 Swear Emoticon 0183 Swear :emoticon-0183-swear
Emoticon 0184 Tmi Emoticon 0184 Tmi :emoticon-0184-tmi:
Evil Evil :evil:
F Ale F Ale <ale>
F Applause F Applause <applause>
F Bubbly F Bubbly <bubbly>
F Cdouble F Cdouble <double>
F Cry F Cry <cry>
F Devil F Devil <devil>
F Ghost F Ghost <ghost>
F Gift F Gift <gift>
F Hug F Hug <hug>
F Magic F Magic <magic>
F Monster F Monster <monster>
F Nahnah F Nahnah <nahnah>
F Ok F Ok <ok>
F Peacedove F Peacedove <peacedove>
F Rofl F Rofl <rofl>
F Rose F Rose <rose>
F Smooch F Smooch <smooch>
F Somersault F Somersault <somersault>
F Sorry F Sorry <sorry>
F Steam F Steam <steam>
F Wizard F Wizard <wizard>
Frown Frown :frown:
Grin Grin :grin:
Grr Grr <grr>
Huh Huh :huh:
Kiss Kiss :kiss:
Laugh Laugh :laugh:
Lipsrsealed Lipsrsealed :lipsrsealed:
Party Party <party>
Police Police :police:
Redface Redface :redface:
Sad Sad :sad:
Shocked Shocked :shocked:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Smile Smile :smile:
Smiley Smiley :smiley:
Smiley Finger007 Smiley Finger007 :smiley-finger007:
Steam Steam :steam:
Tongue Tongue :tongue:
Undecided Undecided :undecided:
Wah Wah <wah>
Whistle Whistle <whistle>
Wink Wink :wink:
Yikes Yikes <yikes>
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o